About the City

Is it any wonder that a city as creative and stylish as Montréal was designated UNESCO City of Design? Places such as the Quartier international, a showcase of modern design, art and architecture at the heart of downtown, testify to Montréal’s avant-garde character. Hundreds more examples of the Montréal’s innovation and free-spiritedness flourish in fashion boutiques and interior and industrial design spaces all over the city.

Charm, beauty and style

In 2007, Montréal was the first urban centre to sign the National Geographic Society’s Geotourism Charter. One look at our compact downtown that hums 24/7, with wonderfully preserved Old Montréal at its feet and beautifully landscaped Mount Royal Park as a backdrop, provides a hint. Encircling the “Mountain” lie cozy, charming neighbourhoods, each with their own commercial centres and three-storey row housing. The Métro easily services this area and beyond. Our four seasons provide the typical northeastern changes of scenery, and we have the facilities for every summer and winter sport imaginable.

IABC proudly presents the IABC World Conference in Montréal , 3-6 June 2018.

Sensational cuisine

Renowned for its sensational and original restaurants and as a centre for French cuisine par excellence, Montréal is part of a select group of 15 cities to join the prestigious World Good Food Cities Network in 2007. Over 80 different kinds of food are served in 6,000 restaurants, from 5-star to soul-comforting smoked-meat counters. Whether you want classic or wildly creative cuisine, Montréal will please and surprise!

Proudly bilingual

Montréal is the most bilingual metropolis in North America and the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. Located on an island 499 km2 in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, it was colonized by the French and later the British. Today the population of Greater Montréal is approximately 3.6 million, with 53% of its inhabitants bilingual (French and English) and 20% using a third language (in addition to French and English). Montréal ranked first for university research in Canada – small wonder for a city with two French-language and two English-language universities.

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