At the crossroads: How video can bring technology, culture and engagement together (backed by analytics)

Video is at a crossroads in today’s business. Now more than ever, it is easier and cheaper to deliver impactful, informative videos to your employees. It’s helpful if these videos are entertaining. It’s essential they be engaging.

With time a precious commodity, your videos need to share your company’s culture and brand voice in a way that engages your teammates, preferably in less than two minutes.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • Ways to set up your own video recording and editing system for very little money.
  • A list of coaching tips to share with your leaders and co-workers to help them feel more confident on camera.
  • How to add simple graphics to a talking head to make your video more visually compelling.
  • Samples of fun, easy, inexpensive videos you can shoot to celebrate company and employee milestones.
  • Tools to distribute your videos that will give you metrics you can tie to other channels so you can get the analytics you need, so you can know if they’re hitting home.

In addition, attendees will receive:

  • Ideas for videos you can create to celebrate corporate and employee milestones.
  • Tips to put anyone in front of the camera.
  • Tips for working with your C-suite on camera.
  • Five things you should never overlook when shooting a video.
  • Tools for shooting and editing videos that won’t break your budget.

TrackEmployee Engagement
Career level: Generalist/specialist
Date and time: Monday, 4 June, 34 p.m.

Presenter / Kristin Hayek / U.S. leads internal communications at CoBank, a $124 billion cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America and headquartered in Denver. Her previous experience includes 20 years of producing top-rated newscasts and international entertainment shows in Miami, Los Angeles and Denver. In her new role at CoBank, Hayek is responsible for overseeing the content and strategic direction of the company’s internal communications including the video, email and a shiny new intranet. Previously, Hayek worked at  DaVita where she supervised a digital magazine that was awarded three consecutive IABC Gold Quill awards.