2018 World Conference recap, day three: Making leaders great communicators

by Charmane Russell On day three of the 2018 IABC World Conference, the theme of the communication crossroads continued to dominate presentations and conversations, particularly as this applies at a leadership level. General session: CEO panel The opening general session, a panel moderated by Hugues Mousseau, vice president and partner with Syrus Reputation, introduced three CEOs: Luc Sabbatini, of PBSC Urban Solutions; Eugène Lapierre, of the Rogers Cup; and Ralph Hosker, of Belron… Read More

World Conference recap Monday: Inspire, connect, engage, collaborate

by Paula Bernardino I started my day at the World Conference by attending the mindfulness meditation session by local coach Lucie-Anne Fabien. What a great way to kick off the week. I was told to be prepared for an interesting keynote address, led by futurist Anab Jain. I was quite curious about what I was about to hear. As communicators, we always need to keep an eye on what’s next, right? I… Read More

2018 World Conference recap day one: Changing how we think about our profession

by Elizabeth Krecker The first two sessions I attended on the opening day of the 2018 IABC World Conference snapped us out of our comfort zone and began the change in our approach to our profession as communicators that is the focus of the 2018 conference. When IABC Chair Sharon Hunter introduced Seth Godin, the opening keynote speaker, she pointed out that the theme of our conference “communication at the crossroads,” reflects… Read More

Not fake news: FT’s trusted content for your comms team

This session will provide an in-depth look at the tools and features on FT.com, followed by a discussion on how the Financial Times provides communication professionals access to global news and data around the clock and how having a credible news source at your disposal can impact your work. The session will cover: What are your challenges and how can FT help you solve them? Speedy information and high-quality analysis, can you… Read More

Meet Bananatag: Bringing email to a better place

Email remains the number one channel for ROI externally, but somehow leaves communicators looking for other options internally. Find out how to re-imagine what is possible with employee emails and how you can re-establish email as a pillar of your communication strategy. This session will cover: The root of our frustration with email as a communications channel How to make email as effective internally as it is externally How Bananatag fits into… Read More

Engaging the enterprise

Effective and engaging communication is at the center of today’s enterprise, but to unlock maximum results, the existing communication and productivity tools are inadequate and can benefit from an overarching X2O visualization layer with ties to data that is locked up in various information silos. We’ll cover: How the nature of work is changing. The new generation of workers. The explosion of information and data. How employee engagement increases with improved visualization… Read More

Simpplr research: Why intranets fail

Intranets have been around for over 20 years, but many organizations continue to fail to sustain program adoption and success. Simpplr has been conducting ongoing research to quantify the primary challenges for ongoing intranet success. We’ll cover: What are the most common pitfalls with intranet initiatives. How practitioners can mitigate these risks. How technology can help and where better governance is required. Track: Solution provider Format: Traditional Date and time: Monday, 4 June, 2:10-2:35 p.m. … Read More

Measurement matters

Email isn’t going away, so let’s get smarter about it. PoliteMail founder Michael DesRochers and Enterprise Account Sales Manager, Melissa Katski-Berry walk you though the foundations of building a better email strategy. With insightful metrics, list management tools and data from our recent Benchmark Results, find out why measurement matters. Tools and metrics to gauge your email effectiveness. How list targeting and segmentation improves results. More effective ways to measure email results… Read More

Win the game of internal apps with reach, relevance, and relationships

Our Staffbase presentation will encourage business professionals to produce successful internal communications that reach employees with relevant information to build positive relationships with all workers using an employee app. You’ll learn: How to reach your internal audiences with targeted messaging and user groups via a mobile app. How to make your messages and use cases more relevant for your employees. How to build relationships between leadership and employees using a mobile app…. Read More

Enable connections with leadership and communities with Office 365

We’ll dive into tools you can use now to foster a sense of community, model desired behaviors and create a new culture of work. With best practices from Microsoft’s experiences and other customers on how to encourage employees to use their voice while driving alignment, you will get very practical advice on how to improve internal communications. We’ll cover: Secrets for using Office 365 to increase employee engagement and foster a thriving… Read More