Top 10 ways to engage employees: Lessons from David Letterman

Earlier this week in the U.S., the curtain came down on late night TV host David Letterman’s stellar television career. For more than 30 years, Letterman’s award-winning performances have engaged audiences and critics alike. His winning formula will be studied by late night TV hosts for years to come. In addition to being a brilliant showman, Letterman’s successful career offers lessons on engagement for business leaders too. In a nod to Dave… Read More

Participatory communication: From broadcasting to co-creation

If you accept that traditional command-and-control styles of leadership are increasingly inadequate in facing up to requirements for change, that it is crucial to tap into as-yet-unrealized potential in the organization itself, then you will also accept that traditional forms of top-down communication are no longer adequate in supporting such change. We often say that the difference between communication and information lies in the participation. Communication is a two-way process. Yet, much… Read More

Complexity: Why it’s hurting your business and what you can do about it

In 2010, CEO Bill McDermott made simplicity SAP’s business priority. Why? In an interview with CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson, he explains that businesses today are hampered by too many management layers and too much data, making it hard to deliver the services and experience that customers and employees expect. “Managers create complexity, and leaders have the sense to remove it” This problem, McDermott tells us, is most evident with the traditional… Read More

3 ways to maximize your time in front of an audience

How you perform in the fleeting moments when you have the platform to speak in front of others is pivotal to your chances of success. This is true for every industry, but for anyone in sales, it’s at the very heart of the experience. Getting on stage in front of a crowd of potential customers, contacts, and influencers is the best way to build a reputation and become a credible, respected authority…. Read More

An invitation to the 2015 IABC World Conference

IABC International Executive Board Chair Russell Grossman, ABC, invites you to join the IABC World Conference in San Francisco, 14-17 June 2015. This is an event that will increase your level of professional development, create opportunities for you to delve into communication problems, discover new solutions and make new connections that could provide you with a lifetime of support. Come experience all that the 2015 World Conference has to offer. Join the largest gathering of… Read More

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”– Foundation speaker Peter Penny’s humanitarian journey

Peter Penny has accomplished numerous feats, all in the name of charity. His humanitarian work has brought him all over the world to support causes like child poverty in India and cheetah conservation in Namibia. In addition to using his filmmaking background to help nonprofits tell their stories, his accomplishments include impressive physical challenges like climbing a mountain a month to raise money and awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity in the… Read More

Corporate television: The case for outsourcing

What is your job? The corporation you worked for hired you in a media management capacity, as a public relations expert, maybe as an information coordinator–any number of titles that essentially come down to making sure that your employer’s message comes across clearly and succinctly, and in a compelling way. If you’re looking to produce high-quality corporate television, does that mean you have to own and manage all of the technology needed… Read More

The true impact of employee engagement on business performance

We know that organizations with more engaged employees produce better results on a number of levels. These “better results” not only relate to financial (higher revenue and profits), but also in people terms – less stress, less absence among employees and higher customer satisfaction.

How to attract a huge following on social media: Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki shares his top tips for cultivating a large, engaged following on social media. His No. 1 tip? Post more frequently. Learn more by attending Guy’s keynote at the 2015 IABC World Conference. Register today.

5 ways to make LinkedIn work for you

If used properly, LinkedIn can be more than a social network for connecting with colleagues–it can help you leverage your career. However, as voiced by the participants in a recent #CommChat, moderated by World Conference speaker Chuck Gose, the site can often feel bloated by too much self-promotion, too much spam, even too many endorsements and connection requests. So, how do you filter through the noise? With personalization and frequent activity and… Read More