Using mobile to engage non-desk employees

The digital workplace has complicated our definitions of non-desk employees. With fewer employees in the office, it’s even more important that communicators pay attention to how they are engaging this employee group. IABC World Conference speaker Ciara O’Keeffe, vice president of client success at Beem, moderated a robust #CommChat discussion on how mobile technology in particular can be used to engage non-desk employees. For a complete recap of the discussion, check out IABC’s Storify page…. Read More

Measuring employee engagement in internal communication

Recent studies show that over 60% of internal communicators are still not measuring internal communication. (Survey report). As an internal communicator, you know it is important to measure the impact of your communication and prove your function’s business value. Yet most internal communicators are not measuring internal communication, which includes measuring employee engagement. Why measure employee engagement? If you do not measure, you do not matter Why are 60% of communicators not… Read More

Don’t let your website fall behind

What kind of experience do visitors have when they access your website? Do they see stale content? Perhaps they have problems even accessing your content because your website isn’t mobile friendly. Just because social media are currently in the spotlight, doesn’t mean that you should devote less resources to your website. A recent #CommChat discussion, hosted by Allyson Ward Neal, underscored how important it is to evaluate how your customers are arriving… Read More

Is your social silo mentality affecting your reputation?

Digital PR tends to be dominated by a few players—namely, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However, conversations about your brand are happening everywhere on the Internet, and social feeds aren’t the only place stakeholders can find your content. In a conversation with Gerry McCusker, founder and principal adviser of Engage ORM in Australia, and speaker at the upcoming IABC World Conference, McCusker tells us that most companies suffer from “snow blindness” when it comes… Read More

10 questions to jump-start social media engagement

No one likes the guy at a cocktail party who talks endlessly about himself without letting anyone else get a word in edgewise. Not only is he annoying and rude, he’s usually not all that interesting to boot! Unfortunately, many businesses are guilty of the same lack of etiquette when it comes to social media. Perpetual self-promotion without any attempt of trying to encourage social media engagement or conversation is one of… Read More

The power of social network analysis

At the heart of public relations practice is the relationship. Whether they are internal or external, relationships are the currency that we deal in. One metric that we don’t pay enough attention to is how networks of affinity build around a brand. A network analysis can help with this. The challenge is that network analysis does require some knowledge of statistics or at least an ability to use network analysis software. You definitely want… Read More

Time to refresh your career? Remember the 3 Ds

If you are you using the same processes and tools year after year and can’t remember the last time you thought about your career trajectory, it may be time to take a hard look at why and how you are doing the work you do. In a conversation with Mark Schumann, ABC, IABC Fellow, principal of re-communicate, he tells us that he applies the three Ds to ensure his career and communication… Read More

Speaker Angee Linsey: Building your personal brand

Your work may not always speak for itself, which is why your personal brand is key to helping others understand your value. CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson interviewed Angee Linsey, managing director of Linsey Careers, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in marketing and communication search, about developing personal branding. Linsey shares what your personal brand encompasses and the first steps to take when developing it.

Learn from the best: 2015 World Conference speakers

With more than 250 submissions, the 2015 slate of World Conference speakers are truly the cream of the crop. Who are these professionals exactly? This year’s speakers: Are globally diverse: Representing six continents, this year’s speakers will bring the latest communication trends from 19 countries around the world. Have a tradition of speaking excellence: Two TedTalk speakers, one member of the Professional Speaker’s Hall of Fame, and countless conference sessions, workshops and… Read More

Speaker Sam Harrison: 5 tips to keep your creativity soaring

There’s nothing like a liberal infusion of personal creativity to add energy and magnetism to our communication methods. Strategy and content may be dead-on, but the ebb and flow of our creativity can determine whether our deliverables are bright or bleak, attention-grabbing or sleep-inducing. The good news is that creativity isn’t a talent granted to a privileged few—it’s innate in all humans. The challenging news is that to ignite our imaginations, we… Read More