Transformation is changing how leaders communicate: Are you ready to help?

Transformation is transforming leadership and making unprecedented demands on leaders. Leaders need to navigate endless uncertainty, often highly charged situations and sometimes toxic politics. In such environments, colleagues search for meaning and deeper connections, making leadership an even more human endeavor. As a consequence, traditional approaches to leader communication fail to connect, and in their stead, a new suite of communication tools and skills is called for. Drawing on his experience of… Read More

Transitioning from a multidomestic to a truly global consumer-packaged goods company

Communicating with people on a global scale in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is not the same as communicating with people locally. When transitioning from local to a global scale, CPG companies not only face technological hurdles, but also the need to address language barriers, cultural nuances, a hyper-connected world and thousands of customers from a variety of generations who have different needs. The context varies substantially depending on the geography,… Read More

PR tech for small teams: From apps to artificial intelligence

The communicator of the future is expected to be a multi-skilled professional capable of managing everything from video production to creating SEO-optimized content to online reputation tracking. As PR professionals continue to evolve and adapt in a world gone digital, almost all of us agree that technological innovations will be a significant driver for change in the industry. However, amid all the buzz on artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and a future filled… Read More

Continuous disruption as the new normal

The pace of technological changes and accelerated innovation are transforming the way our target audience consumes information. While people’s choices of how and what information they access are expanding, their attention spans are shrinking. As communicators of your brand, how do you stand out in this clutter and engage with audiences in a way that resonates and inspires them, incites behavioral changes and ultimately inspires them to take action: buy the product,… Read More

Employee communication 3.0: How to be relevant five years from now

The pace of change in the employee communication industry is breathtaking—and it’s only going to get faster. Employees today want relevant, compelling information, delivered in the channel of their choice. “Corporate” communication is dead. “Creative” communication is becoming the norm. In this fun session, former No. 1-rated IABC World Conference speaker Steve Crescenzo will show you: How to find your strategic focus and make the important interesting. How to “do less and… Read More

Mining content from your data goldmine

Every organization is sitting on a data goldmine—you just might not know it yet. Are you ready to start leveraging this information to create true value-added content for your audience? Audiences are hungry for new, unique information that empowers them to find answers or solve their problems. In today’s data-driven world, it’s time to use your expertise to tell stories that are original, thought-provoking and maybe even a little bit outside of… Read More

Speaker insight: Rethinking Crisis Communication

by Daniel Munslow Organizations worldwide are experiencing an environment of elevated reputational risk, forcing them to rethink their approach to issues and crisis management. Today’s risk landscape does not allow for companies to start tackling a crisis when it breaks; rather, they need to proactively work on a three-dimensional resilience plan that covers the periods before, during and after risk. While there are many tactical approaches to crisis communication, there are two… Read More

Speaker insights: Reflecting on the State of Employee Communication

by Lee Smith At Gatehouse, we recently launched our 11th “State of the Sector” survey. Backed by the IABC Foundation and a host of other leading professional bodies, it’s now the biggest annual study of its kind in the internal communication space. Together with my co-director Simon Wright, we’ve spent much of the last month or so running preview sessions and talking through the headline results with communicators from all around the… Read More

Get the latest news in the 2019 World Conference Brief

In the latest issue of the IABC World Conference Brief, you’ll find the latest news and exclusive content related to the event. If you’re attending the conference, the Brief gives you a sample of some of what you’ll experience. And if you can’t make it this year, you still get the benefit of content that will offer new perspectives on some of the most challenging issues facing the profession. In this issue, you’ll find:… Read More

5 Secrets from Improv Comedy to Fuel Your Career Success


by Rob Biesenbach What if I told you that everything you need to know about career success can be learned from the art of improvisational comedy? It’s true. “Improv,” as it’s known, is about way more than belly laughs and physical antics. It’s actually based on important principles like empathy, listening, storytelling and supporting others. In fact, one of the foundational rules of improv is that you’re not on the stage to… Read More