Sponsor Insight: CEO Videos Lose Perfection, Gain a Larger Audience

by Becky Graebe Once upon a time—like, oh, three months ago—video messages from CEOs to employees had a distinct look. Everything was perfect. The sound. The lighting. The makeup. The script. Countless hours went into the film crew preparation, multiple takes, collecting B-roll footage, and editing. The end product often was worthy of a network television broadcast. Today? Do-it-yourself has replaced professional. You’re more likely to see a CEO appearing on a… Read More

Sponsor Insight: How to Leverage Enterprise Video Platforms for Corporate Communication

By Matt Moskitis, Director of Marketing Video is shaping the way we communicate, especially in the business world. Because of this, 75% of CEOs believe video conferencing will replace traditional conference calls. Video platforms offer many benefits to businesses. You can better communicate with remote employees, hold conferences with clients and stakeholders from around the world, and more. Business owners will benefit from having a centralized video platform. Centralized video platforms offer… Read More

Sponsor Insight: Why Communicators Need to Understand the Company’s “Communication Tech Stack”

Now that most of us have converted our living rooms to our home offices, we’re using video conferencing and messaging apps more than before in hopes to stay connected with our colleagues. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that these tools are limited in maintaining the company culture and keeping the entire organization informed. Several months ago when work from home was in transition, IT departments rushed to standardize equipment, including web conferencing… Read More

Sponsor Insight: What’s New with Yammer?

Yammer uses communities and open conversation to power leadership engagement, corporate communications, and open knowledge sharing to drive organizational change. With the new Yammer, we’ve introduced a reimagined experience and dozens of new capabilities that power leadership engagement, corporate communications, and communities in Microsoft 365.  Built on a decade of customer success and feedback, the new Yammer delivers a beautiful, intelligent experience across devices, and deep integration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and… Read More

Sponsor Insight: How to Set Up S.M.A.R.T. Internal Communication Goals

by Asya Stamenova “Setting goals and objectives is the first step in developing a strategic plan.” Sound familiar? We’re sure you’ve heard this before. It’s not because you’ve read this article, but because it’s a best practice and goals are at the core of every strategy-defining process. What do internal communication goals depend on? At the beginning of each year, internal communication teams often find themselves swamped with questions they need to… Read More

Sponsor Insight: We Analyzed Over Half a Billion Internal Emails to Help Communicators Be More Effective: Here’s What We Discovered

Email. It never ends. And now it is more important than ever. While a zero inbox is a noble pursuit, it takes too much effort. Teams, chat, social intranets and mobile apps all have a place, and actually work better for some collaborative communications, but they have not replaced email for good reason. To ensure employees read our email and take action, communicators can leverage the insights of data to send more… Read More

Sponsor Insight: 5 Ways a Multi-Channel Platform Delivers Better Crisis Communications

Every business will face a crisis—yet many are unprepared for the impact. Most find themselves caught out by the speed at which news of a crisis spreads. Nearly 70% of brand crises spread internationally within just 24 hours. While leadership scramble to contain the situation, employees can be left in the dark. It’s a recipe for anxiety, rumors and gossiping online. In times of crisis, internal communications are in the spotlight. The… Read More

Sponsor Insight: How to Embrace the New Normal, Post-COVID-19

It all happened so fast. We heard the stories there were people getting sick and for some of us it felt distant because it was happening on the other side of the world, but for some of us it was happening in our neighborhood. In what felt like just a matter of days, we went from disbelief to social distancing or a total lockdown. Lucky were the companies that had already gone… Read More

How to Build Truly Global Organizations

Most organizations are so busy focusing on the usual day-today operations in order to keep up with the constantly evolving workforce that they leave out an important part of doing business—the culture factor. In order to work more effectively with your global colleagues, you must first understand what makes them different. How do they prefer to communicate? How do they prefer to do business? What are the norms in their culture? Not… Read More

Using Social Ties to Lead Change Efforts

by Maya Townsend It’s 1981 and I want nothing more than to own a pair of designer Jordache jeans. My mother thinks they’re too expensive. “But,” I complain, “All of my friends have them.” Her response: “If all of your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?” That was my first lesson in the importance of resisting peer pressure. (It didn’t stick, by the way. I eventually wore down… Read More