How to leverage the great power of digital signage for good

Learn from corporate communicators who have installed digital signage networks in their companies. This presentation will be crafted from multiple interviews, examples of digital signage content, and videos and photos of the actual installations. You’ll learn: Best practices from those who have done it successfully. How to avoid common and costly errors. How to best leverage the great power of digital signage. Track: Solution provider Format: Traditional Date and time: Tuesday, 5 June, 10:30 –… Read More

Communicators at the crossroads with new science and technology

What if communicators had the capability to influence stakeholder judgment and behavior? There is new technology that provides a bridge for communication professionals to the latest advances in decision science that is based on a solid foundation of research. This highly participative session will explore that bridge and the many positive implications for communicators worldwide, their employers and clients. Using this approach, we can build our competency to delve into people’s worldview… Read More

Motivation as a skill: Inspire and connect with a ripple effect

Motivating and inspiring those around us is key to our success as professional communicators. But is this something we are born with or is it a learned skill? As attention spans decrease and pressure to produce results increases, how to we captivate an audience to walk away energized to do what we want them to do? In this gently interactive, fun and engaging session, Jon Hammond will share the insight he has… Read More

Creating resilient employees during times of change

This session showcases a high-level case study of a business that went through tremendous complex change and upheaval over a short amount of time and how through a new twist on change and communication tactics, the 5,000 employees remained resilient throughout. The session draws out the top 10 learnings captured during the change program and how they might be applied in other situations for practitioners who want to create a more resilient… Read More

10 advanced speaking tips to super-charge your next presentation

This advanced course offers pro tips to help communicators take their next pitch or presentation from good to great. It’s also designed to help them help their leaders and clients present more effectively. I believe that as communicators we are at a crossroads. Because of TED Talks, the rules for speakers of every kind, from conference presenters to everyday PowerPoint users, have radically changed. Those who don’t adapt risk getting left behind…. Read More

The impact of artificial intelligence on communication

Thanks to rapid advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and analytics, we are at the crossroads of a new era in business communication. As technology innovation creates newer opportunities for businesses, we need to learn and adapt to a new way of communicating in an environment where robotic processes powered by AI will coexist with humans and help each other in streamlining and improving the… Read More

At the crossroads of ethics: The Bell Pottinger case study

The Bell Pottinger case of ethical misconduct, in which the firm’s work for the Gupta family led them to roll out an unethical communication campaign in South Africa, has highlighted more than ever the importance of communicators following the industry’s code of ethics. It is our responsibility as communicators to take a stand for ethical, transparent, and professional communication, noting that so called “alternative facts” and “fake news” have no place in… Read More

IABC World Conference Tuesday recap: Going deep in the conversation

by Kristen Delphos Tuesday at the IABC World Conference is a “sweet spot” day for many attendees. In the sea of hundreds of people, we start to recognize and create our own little tribe of conference friends. By this time, a day and a half into the program, we’ve networked, tweeted, retweeted, followed, and smiled when the notifications appeared on our devices to let us know that we’ve been followed back.

World Conference recap Monday: A day of discoveries

by Peg Champion “We will all become cognitive communicators,” says Jon Iwata, senior vice president of marketing and communications for IBM. Iwata led a brilliant, if sometimes unnerving, session about artificial intelligence (AI) and its broad application across every field. Iwata discussed IBM’s AI system, Watson, which can see, hear, understand, read, comprehend and recognize language. Watson was developed to “enhance and extend human capability, expertise and potential” though it’s best known… Read More

World Conference Sunday recap: Jump-starting the right and left brain

by Shea Sullivan Every time I attend the IABC World Conference, I always feel like the first sessions are brushing the cobwebs off my brain. Two of the pre-conference workshops not only dusted it, but jump-started it. And these were two sessions that engaged both sides of the brain in very different ways. If this made some uncomfortable, then good. We shouldn’t come to conferences to stay in our comfort zones of… Read More