Communicating powerful vulnerability: Why, how, when and where

Personal stories can be a powerful way to illustrate a point, broaden perspectives, and foster connection and trust in the business environment. They can also bore, offend or alienate listeners if not told well and told with the listeners’ needs in mind. As communicators, we can enrich our connection with people by drawing from our personal stories in a mindful and artful way, and inspire those around us to do the same…. Read More

How understanding psychology will improve your internal communication

Why do we react the way we do to certain messages? Why do they make us feel differently? What’s in our DNA that drives our responses? It turns out it really is all in the mind. As humans, we’re wired to consume and interpret information in certain ways. Understanding the psychology of this is your secret weapon to shift employee responses and drive communication effectiveness. So, put on your lab coats and… Read More

Communicating in a global world

Organizations are becoming more and more international. People are working across borders like never before. In order to succeed in today’s global world, one must be able to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds. In this session, attendees will learn how cultures differ around the world and how to apply that to effective communication across cultures. This will be accomplished through case studies, role plays, and interactive exercises. An overview… Read More

Be heard with a DIY newsroom

Old-school communication will not cut it in today’s attention economy. Brand marketing, advertising, PR, crisis comms, corporate comms, content marketing, digital and social media: They all have a place in your organization’s media ecosystem. But how do you synthesize these strands of comms for the perfect approach, to make that shift necessary for today’s crazy environment? Increasingly, organizations around the world, from big corporates through to local governments and nonprofits, are building… Read More

Three high-level communication hats leaders must wear for effective internal communication

When teams have strong and open communication, the company thrives. Sounds easy, right? We communication pros know how challenging that actually is, especially in the current age. With all the advances in communication technology, it’s harder than ever to keep the internal lines of communication clean and open. With shorter attention spans, informational clutter, multiple generations of multiple cultural backgrounds working in multiple locations, plus nonstop technology change, it’s time to make… Read More

Providing a personalized communication experience for every employee

More than ever before, employees have heavier workloads and less time to spend learning about the latest company news and how their work supports the company’s goals and priorities. What’s more, many employees work from home and travel frequently, so there are fewer workers in a traditional office setting. How can a company’s internal communications reach all employees with important messages and stories, and keep them connected to the business—and each other—without… Read More

Oil, tobacco and Barbie: Finding common ground on the commodities we love to hate

Are pipelines the safest option for transporting oil? Is Barbie a positive role model for young girls? Should doctors promote reduced risk tobacco products for those who choose to smoke? The ability to effectively engage and influence stakeholders with opposing views is critical to business progress. Influence can make or break political campaigns, government policies, investment decisions, employee engagement and community relationships. In our increasingly polarized world, facts alone are unconvincing. Influence… Read More

Transformation is changing how leaders communicate: Are you ready to help?

Transformation is transforming leadership and making unprecedented demands on leaders. Leaders need to navigate endless uncertainty, often highly charged situations and sometimes toxic politics. In such environments, colleagues search for meaning and deeper connections, making leadership an even more human endeavor. As a consequence, traditional approaches to leader communication fail to connect, and in their stead, a new suite of communication tools and skills is called for. Drawing on his experience of… Read More

PR tech for small teams: From apps to artificial intelligence

The communicator of the future is expected to be a multi-skilled professional capable of managing everything from video production to creating SEO-optimized content to online reputation tracking. As PR professionals continue to evolve and adapt in a world gone digital, almost all of us agree that technological innovations will be a significant driver for change in the industry. However, amid all the buzz on artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and a future filled… Read More

Employee communication 3.0: How to be relevant five years from now

The pace of change in the employee communication industry is breathtaking—and it’s only going to get faster. Employees today want relevant, compelling information, delivered in the channel of their choice. “Corporate” communication is dead. “Creative” communication is becoming the norm. In this fun session, former No. 1-rated IABC World Conference speaker Steve Crescenzo will show you: How to find your strategic focus and make the important interesting. How to “do less and… Read More