Story overload: Too much of a good thing

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Rob Biesenbach’s blog. If you’re giving a presentation, storytelling can help you break down walls with your audience, earn their trust and, ultimately, influence them to do the thing you want them to do—accept your idea, approve your budget, invite you back, or hire you on the spot. But storytelling is a tool that should be used sparingly. There is definitely such a thing as… Read More

Facing the worst? Put the people most affected at the center

Whether your company is facing a natural disaster or a product recall, the most important thing during any crisis is to put those affected at the center of your communications and plans. In an IABC #CommChat, communicators were joined by guest John Deveney, ABC, IABC Fellow, an award-winning crisis management expert for DEVENEY, our reputation track sponsor. He shared tips for preparing for and managing a crisis, and emphasized the importance of… Read More

Crisis communication: Top 5 mistakes to avoid

When you’re out of time, under pressure and the stakes are high, it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are some common crisis communication pitfalls and tips to avoid them. 1. Waiting too long: Some business leaders think they need to wait to get all the facts verified before they say anything to the news media, their customers and their employees. What they should do is get out in front of a crisis… Read More

Communicating in teams to build employee engagement

Teams that excel have features in common. They invest in a common vision. They value differences as strengths. They use respectful conflict to build trust. They take smart risks to innovate. They adapt to change and reinvest in new circumstances. They hold themselves accountable. This presentation offers a recipe for building employee engagement through teams.

Writers, go forth and sin no more

Oscar Wilde once said: “There is no sin except stupidity.” He obviously never met any corporate communicators. We commit lots of sins. Lots of writing sins, to be specific. In fact, in my 22 years of reading and critiquing corporate publications, intranets, press releases, websites, brochures and annual reports, I’ve seen communicators commit the same sins over and over again. If I had to compile a complete list, it would probably number about 100 common sins. Everything from grip-and-grin photos and boring headlines to gratuitous “wellness” stories and over-the-top marketing copy… Read More

Contact Energy enlists rugby star Tana Umaga as “safety coach”

It’s easy to understand why safety is important to rugby star Tana Umaga. In a sport where collisions are the name of the game, safety is vital. But safety isn’t just important on the rugby field—it’s important on the job as well, whether behind a desk or operating heavy machinery. As a major utilities company, the safety of employees is a primary concern for New Zealand-based Contact Energy. However, when they embarked… Read More

Join the 2016 IABC World Conference in New Orleans, 5-8 June

The IABC World Conference heads to fabulous New Orleans next year, hosting its annual assembly with 1,200 top communication professionals from around the world. The event will take place on 5-8 June 2016 at the Hilton Riverside hotel.

Conference Highlights from Prezi

A changing landscape is nothing new for the big wide world of communication, but the speakers at this year’s IABC World Conference in San Francisco addressed the very core of that change and what it’ll take to navigate it successfully. While each and every talk was innovative and inspiring, there were a few lessons in particular that stood out. Prezi was among the sponsors at the World Conference and we had the… Read More

Working or not? The impact of employee communication on engagement

It was great to be part of the conversation at the IABC 2015 World Conference. At Jostle, we spend most of our time thinking about the relationship between great communications and employee engagement. So, we’ve done a few things to try to learn as much as we can about the link. First, we did some research, and we helped calculate the ROI of a great intranet. Then we conducted our own research…. Read More

Watch: Michael Ambjorn shares 2015 World Conference highlights

More than 1,200 communication professionals descended on San Francisco for the 2015 IABC World Conference. IABC Chair Michael Ambjorn looks back at what made the event a success.