Conference Highlights from Prezi

A changing landscape is nothing new for the big wide world of communication, but the speakers at this year’s IABC World Conference in San Francisco addressed the very core of that change and what it’ll take to navigate it successfully. While each and every talk was innovative and inspiring, there were a few lessons in particular that stood out. Prezi was among the sponsors at the World Conference and we had the… Read More

Working or not? The impact of employee communication on engagement

It was great to be part of the conversation at the IABC 2015 World Conference. At Jostle, we spend most of our time thinking about the relationship between great communications and employee engagement. So, we’ve done a few things to try to learn as much as we can about the link. First, we did some research, and we helped calculate the ROI of a great intranet. Then we conducted our own research…. Read More

Watch: Michael Ambjorn shares 2015 World Conference highlights

More than 1,200 communication professionals descended on San Francisco for the 2015 IABC World Conference. IABC Chair Michael Ambjorn looks back at what made the event a success.

Thanks for attending — Now tell us what you think!

  It was an honor and delight to have you as a participant of the 2015 IABC World Conference! We hope you made valuable connections, walked away with plenty of new ideas and soaked up the type of innovative thinking that will benefit you now and into the future. Tell us what you think Getting your feedback on the World Conference helps us to make this the best experience possible. Please fill… Read More

A recap of the 2015 IABC World Conference

At this year’s World Conference, keynote and breakout speakers from around the world helped attendees embrace the theme “Changing the Landscape: Informing the Future.” With over 1,200 in attendance, the conference offered a powerful vehicle for learning, discovering and connecting. Sessions packed with content Covering five communication tracks (Reputation, Leadership and Strategy, Marketing and Brand, Employee Engagement, and Communication Skills), over 100 speakers from all over the world delivered sessions in a… Read More

Photo booth pictures now available

In addition to participating in thought-provoking sessions, attendees also managed to squeeze in some fun at the 2015 World Conference. With fun props, our SnapFiesta photo booth helped attendees do just that. Did you have your photo taken at World Conference? Check out the photo booth gallery here.  

The power of authentic networking

Some people network to collect business cards; I prefer to collect stories. That’s because behind every successful business leader is a story. Authentic networking gives you an opportunity to tell your own story and, more important, be enriched by listening to other people tell theirs.

Measuring social impact: What gets measured, gets valued

Measuring an organization’s social performance helps the business and its stakeholders to understand and recognize the positive social change they collectively create. Social impact is the net effect of an activity on the well‐being of individuals, families, communities and the environment. This, in turn, affects an organization’s license to operate, improve the business, or support product and service innovation. Measuring social impact helps organizations understand this dynamic. Are organizations making a difference? Are they investing… Read More

Adapting to internal social networking

The last decade has seen a meteoric rise in the adoption of social networking, and internal communications professionals are not turning a blind eye to this trend. Not only is a large proportion of the workforce familiar with and comfortable with the concept of social networking, according to Pew Research, at least 74% of them actively use social networking sites in their personal time. The immersion of today’s society in social networks is… Read More

5 ways that multi-location businesses must communicate to stay whole

The majority of organizations do their work in multiple locations. Whether we’re talking about offices in multiple cities or multiple countries, restaurants or retail outlets, it has become rare for an organization’s workforce to be in one place most of the time. What happens at these dispersed workplaces is that people diverge. They lose sight of one another physically and metaphorically. They also lose sight of leadership. They are walled off from… Read More