Apply or recommend a keynote speaker for #IABC20 World Conference, 14-17 June, Chicago

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is considering potential keynotes for its 2020 World Conference, happening 14–17 June 2020 in Chicago. IABC is the largest global association for communication professionals, and our last annual World Conference drew more than 1,300 attendees from nearly 40 countries. Here are the criteria we consider when selecting a keynote speaker: An authentic, dynamic and effortless speaker with a commanding stage presence who is able to connect with… Read More

Sponsor Insights: Employee communication—An action plan for success

Back when I ran an employee communication group at Verizon, little did I know the position was setting me up to one day run an agency of my own. My whole 20+ year career seemed to be focused on either marketing or employee communication. And more often than not, both. The two actually go hand in hand but, I dare say, employee communication is a tad bit harder. Why? Because you have… Read More

Sponsor Insights: Leadership engagement made easy using Yammer (or enterprise social)

We live in an age of digital disruption. Effective, resilient organizations—the ones that will survive and thrive—will be organizations that are inherently creative and innovative. And that creativity and innovation will be driven by an engaged workforce and a new culture of work. We encourage leaders of organizations to be social, mobile and transparent, yet many leaders didn’t get to where they are today by being those things. Companies with higher engagement… Read More

Join Dine Around Vancouver!

As a major port city, Vancouver is famous for its variety of cuisines and incredible local ingredients, especially seafood. In more recent years, our city has become a hot bed for the craft brewing industry creating a whole new genre of funky spaces to eat, drink and socialize. We also boast some of the most amazing dining views you will ever see! What is Dine Around? Dine Around is one of the… Read More

Speaking proposal tips and guidelines

The IABC World Conference call for speakers is now open! We are seeking fresh, forward-thinking perspectives on business communication. What’s new? What’s next? What are the answers to what’s most pressing for you and your peers? That’s what we’ll tackle in Vancouver on 9-12 June 2019. Here are some conference speaking proposal tips and guidelines to help you through the process, presented by one of our program committee leaders, Neil Griffiths. The… Read More

IABC 2018—Where communications meet at the crossroads of change

Sponsor Insights Reshaping political communication strategies using effective content and tools: Case study with Dominick Kennerson, head of Pharma Health Policy Regions Americas, for Bayer Pharma Epresspack had the pleasure of attending the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2018 World Conference held in Montréal, on 3–6 June. The theme of the event this year was, “The Communication Crossroads,” alluding to the unique position of the communication industry at the crossroads of “business,… Read More

How can you make a conference reach around the world?

Actionable strategic insights from #IABC18—for participants—and event and conference organizers… This year IABC’s World Conference got its mojo back. In-person participation was at a five-year high and a new record was set for virtual participation. Well done Team IABC. Now what might we learn from this that can be used to help you make your next event or conference reach around the world? This brief article breaks down the numbers, and shares… Read More

Did alignment matter in the 17th century?

Here’s a quick Q&A with two leading thinkers on strategic communication—drawing lessons, including on alignment, from 17th century explorers.   I took part in a pilot version of this new workshop format called Bushcraft for Communicators at #Eurocomm18.  Michael Ambjorn: Bushcraft for communicators: Why this, now? Mike Pounsford Mike Pounsford: Uncertainty, pace of change, the need to build capability in-house to move swiftly in response to changing times. The old world of business is changing and… Read More

Protected: 2018 Conference Handouts

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Bayer AG case study: Reshaping political communication strategies with effective content and tools

PR is changing and how we reach our audiences and the messages we share need to be fluent and agile. In this session,  moderator Antoun Sfeir, CEO of epresspack, will discuss the age of new opportunity for PR and policy makers. Bayer’s head of Pharma Health and Policy America Regions, Dominick Kennerson, will also share his experience with a case study on strategic approaches to shaping share of mind for new political communication… Read More