Purpose: How Living and Working for What Matters Most Changes Everything

Employers are currently struggling with a broken employee experience. Employees want meaningful work, a positive culture, and life balance. The C-Suite expects performance, agility, and growth. The missing foundational element in most health, talent, and organizational strategies is purpose. In this presentation, Dr. Strecher discusses the role of purpose at the employee and organizational levels. From ancient philosophy to the most modern neuroscience, Dr. Strecher presents the wisdom of purposeful living, offering… Read More

Managing Communication for Results and Value

When a communication assessment at FedEx brought senior leaders and the communication department together it paid off with a huge return on the company’s investment. The assessment made it clear that there were big opportunities to improve results if the communication department shifted its focus from distributing news and information to improving business results and adding value. You’ll learn: How FedEx communication professionals improved global sales by 23 percent and increased return… Read More

7 science-based rules of high stress communication

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world forever—causing heartbreak, massive economic hardship and stress. Under high stress and high concern situations the rules of communication change. Communicators must adapt quickly to this new environment or risk failure. Learn how to follow the rules and tools adapted from world renowned crisis expert Dr. Vincent Covello every time you communicate in a high stress or high concern environment. Principal Jeff Angel and senior associate… Read More

The new Yammer and the opportunity for internal communicators

Yammer uses communities and open conversation to power leadership engagement, corporate communication, and open knowledge sharing to drive organizational change. With Yammer you can empower anyone to be an effective communicator in your organization. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Communicate at scale to keep people informed and involved. Communicate about updates, announcements, policies and procedures, and other news. Create compelling, modern communication with rich storytelling tools. Tactics to use for… Read More

Communicating Layoffs: How to show compassion, build credibility and maintain employee engagement

Developing effective communication during a layoff is fraught with challenges and pitfalls. After all, layoffs are complicated endeavors that require perfect timing, coordinated responsibilities, well thought-out details and, perhaps most importantly, empathy. Many communicators become overwhelmed trying to juggle development of numerous tactics while ensuring their efforts provide employees with the compassion and honesty needed to retain pride in the organization. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Keep the employee experience… Read More

Optimizing your communications strategy during COVID-19 and beyond

According to a recent Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, 63 percent of employees want daily updates from their employers and of those, 48 percent prefer email as their channel. With over 100 percent volume increases in March and April of 2020, what lessons can be learned from engaging employees during times of crisis? In this session, you’ll: Use our benchmarking data to measure your email reach, readership and engagement performance. Learn how… Read More

The Modern Intranet 101

As employees become more and more distributed, internal communications teams must be able to easily update and communicate with employees in a timely and organized fashion. Learn how a modern employee intranet can help companies streamline communications and provide a single source of truth. Learn a modern intranet enables you to: Provide employees a single source for important company communication. Easily publish company updates and policy changes on the fly without relying… Read More

How to Foster Employee Engagement within the Digital Workplace

Engaged employees are more important to an organization’s success than ever before. It is critical to provide the right environment and resources for your employees to connect, collaborate, and engage. Join Rob Ryan, director of solutions consulting at LumApps, as he shares: Existing challenges in communication and the digital workplace that can prevent engagement. Qualities of an exceptional digital workplace that propel success and achieve results. Tangible use cases you can take… Read More

Gold Quill Award-Winning Case Study: Dove Men+Care #TakeTheTime Paternity Leave Campaign

Increasingly, companies are called on to take a stand on social issues. Learn how Unilever navigated the challenges as they established themselves as a credible voice on paternity leave in Canada. Through the campaign, people were urged to lend their support to the Dove Men+Care paternity leave campaign, helping to counter negative stereotypes and stigma through channels such as video, media and influencers and interactive out-of-home (OOH) kiosks. The campaign not only… Read More

Gold Quill Award-Winning Case Study: The Museum of Outdated Technology

To motivate politicians in Alberta to reform outdated auto insurance regulations was no easy task for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Together with Paradigm, Studio M/Unified Content and True Media Canada, Insurance Bureau of Canada created a compelling campaign with a positive, non-aggressive message that reinforces to key stakeholders the benefits of change. The team knew it needed to approach government relations in a new way and used humor to create compelling… Read More