Speaking proposal tips and guidelines

The IABC World Conference call for speakers is now open! We are seeking fresh, forward-thinking perspectives on business communication. What’s new? What’s next? What are the answers to what’s most pressing for you and your peers? That’s what we’ll tackle in Vancouver on 9-12 June 2019. Here are some conference speaking proposal tips and guidelines to help you through the process, presented by one of our program committee leaders, Neil Griffiths. The… Read More

IABC 2018—Where communications meet at the crossroads of change

Sponsor Insights Reshaping political communication strategies using effective content and tools: Case study with Dominick Kennerson, head of Pharma Health Policy Regions Americas, for Bayer Pharma Epresspack had the pleasure of attending the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2018 World Conference held in Montréal, on 3–6 June. The theme of the event this year was, “The Communication Crossroads,” alluding to the unique position of the communication industry at the crossroads of “business,… Read More

How can you make a conference reach around the world?

Actionable strategic insights from #IABC18—for participants—and event and conference organizers… This year IABC’s World Conference got its mojo back. In-person participation was at a five-year high and a new record was set for virtual participation. Well done Team IABC. Now what might we learn from this that can be used to help you make your next event or conference reach around the world? This brief article breaks down the numbers, and shares… Read More

Did alignment matter in the 17th century?

Here’s a quick Q&A with two leading thinkers on strategic communication—drawing lessons, including on alignment, from 17th century explorers.   I took part in a pilot version of this new workshop format called Bushcraft for Communicators at #Eurocomm18.  Michael Ambjorn: Bushcraft for communicators: Why this, now? Mike Pounsford Mike Pounsford: Uncertainty, pace of change, the need to build capability in-house to move swiftly in response to changing times. The old world of business is changing and… Read More

Protected: 2018 Conference Handouts

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Bayer AG case study: Reshaping political communication strategies with effective content and tools

PR is changing and how we reach our audiences and the messages we share need to be fluent and agile. In this session,  moderator Antoun Sfeir, CEO of epresspack, will discuss the age of new opportunity for PR and policy makers. Bayer’s head of Pharma Health and Policy America Regions, Dominick Kennerson, will also share his experience with a case study on strategic approaches to shaping share of mind for new political communication… Read More

Cooking up fresh ideas using #OpenSpace at #IABC18

Not sure what to make of the invite to the Open Space session coming up at World Conference? It can be hard to imagine what it might be like if you haven’t been to one before. If you haven’t ‘tasted the format so to speak. Well, to that end, here’s ‘one we prepared earlier’. It is a term you might be familiar with if you’ve ever watched a cooking show, but it’ll hopefully… Read More

Gold Quill Award-winning case study: League of champions

Through effectively harnessing the power of risk and performance data and analytics from multiple systems, we were able to execute an effective change management communication program that simultaneously drives performance aligned to key business objectives, and creates alignment with organisational and remuneration structures. All of this was achieved while reinforcing our commitment to developing a cohesive group culture of safety through the competition criteria. During this session, I will share my insights… Read More

Gold Quill Award-winning case study: 90-day planning: Sentiment and metrics

Marketers are increasingly using sentiment analysis to gauge their audience’s feelings, attitudes, emotions and opinions. This means looking beyond the numbers to understand why people are responding in a certain manner. Are they angry? Happy? Stressed? Optimistic? Confused? Neutral? Other? These insights help marketers determine if they are achieving the desired impact or if they need to adapt their strategy to be more effective. At Cisco, the Gold Quill Award-winning employee communication team… Read More

Sponsor insights: PR’s performance on the digital stage

Digitalization of PR has created a landscape in which traditional methods are no longer limited by the restrictions of outdated technology. In this exciting new era of marketing, the digital realm has paved the way for endless advancements and opportunities, while simultaneously improving efficiencies. PR and influence marketing are not mutually exclusive fields. Rather, they are codependent methods that, when combined, can catapult your company to the next level, influence marketing. We… Read More