Critical conversations workshop: #AreYouReady to explore the latest trends?

Your imagination has been sparked after a high-impact world conference and you now have an eye on the latest communication trends, solutions and ideas. It’s time to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the communication profession and generate the big ideas that will drive our profession forward. Join the Big Ideas Taskforce and fellow communication professionals as we take some of those trends, unpack them and look at the opportunities it will… Read More

Taking AI for a test drive: What you need to know

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change how we do business and work as communication professionals. The revolution has begun. Do you feel ready? For communication professionals, AI promises to take care of all our mundane tactical activities, freeing us to demonstrate our value through the more strategic activities that machines cannot—like influencing the C-suite, connecting our organization’s audiences and stakeholders, and creating meaning in a world fraught with change. In this… Read More

You’ve got the analytics…now what?

Previously, getting any kind of data/measurement was a key challenge for communication professionals. Now that we’re more sophisticated regarding what/how we measure, we face a new challenge: what to do with the data now we have it. Using ERM’s measurement case study, this session outlines how its global communication team has gone from zero analytics to measurement that culminates in CEO-level reporting and positions the function as a strategic business partner. This… Read More

Shift: From communicator to communication professional

What if the challenges communicators are having with respect and reputation have less to do with capability and capacity than they do with courage and confidence? What if the reality of embracing our power as communication professionals involved a shift in our language, our thinking, our passions, and our actions? For the past 25 years, in IABC and in the profession, we have been talking about the ability of strategic internal communication… Read More

Get video smart

More people on the planet own a smartphone than own a toothbrush. By 2021, four out of five of your client’s interactions with their phone will involve video. If your organization has not embraced agile, authentic 21st century smartphone video, then you risk becoming invisible to a world addicted to the convenience of their smart devices. Luckily, the solution is in the palm of your hand…literally. Master smartphone video so you not… Read More

Using technology communication to facilitate a culture of change

Technology evolution—or shift—is a certainty in business that causes lots of uncertainty in markets and within organizations. Of the top 10 global business risks for 2019, four were technology-related: cybercrime, cyberattacks, data management and technology innovation. In a recent survey, graduates from the top 30 business schools globally ranked the rapid rate of technological and digital advancement as the biggest challenge for global business leaders. At the same time, the vast majority… Read More

How to bring the power of agility to your brand positioning

Branding done correctly enhances the performance and efficiency of your company. Experience the greatest moment when you realize that you have not unleashed your most powerful asset. Natasha Davis will help you discover unique and strategic techniques for improving and retaining profitable visual branding, auditory branding and emotional branding to bring the power of agility to your brand positioning. Key takeaways for attendees: Attendees will learn how to develop strategic growth plans… Read More

How an editorial heart and an entrepreneurial soul can drive reach, relevance and revenue for your brand

Done right, smart content marketing can not only drive top-of-mind awareness and middle-of-funnel engagement, it can also drive bottom line results. But getting there is not for the faint of heart. In this session, we share three case studies that show how editorial and entrepreneurial approaches have driven big impact in three different industries. Join this session to hear the inside story behind the hospital that writes essays on death, meet the… Read More

Is podcasting your next strategic communication channel?

With a reported 700,000 active podcasts available, this medium has come out of basements and into boardrooms as a strategic communication tool. Are you ready to harness the power of audio to solve your business needs? This session will review how podcasts can create actionable content and truly engage audiences while achieving strategic goals. Learn how a national association shifted their content-delivery model to meet audiences where they were already consuming similar… Read More

Shift your creativity into high gear for future breakthroughs

An IBM survey of 1,500 CEOs ranked creativity as the No. 1 factor for future business success. Yet only 25 percent of people believe they are living up to their creative potential. How about you? Are you fully utilizing your innate creative resources? This inspiring, energetic session by the author of IdeaSpotting and Creative Zing! provides tips and tools you and your team can use to awaken and ignite creativity. You’ll learn about… Read More