Case Study: Hyatt employees leave Town Hall 95 percent more informed and engaged

Many business leaders like to have an “open door policy” to stay in touch with their employees and provide a two way dialogue. However, for many enterprises with globally dispersed workforces it takes more than an open door for them to reach their employees. With the luxury of having a global company, comes losing the opportunity for your team to pop into your office with a question or concern. So how are… Read More

Are your PowerPoint slides damaging your reputation?

Any time I join a meeting and see dull black text projected on a plain white background, a little piece of my soul dies. Word slides are the worst. Not only are they proven to be ineffective, but they imply that you may be out of touch and behind the times. Which is a terrible position for a communication professional to be in. In fact, I’d go as far as to say… Read More

Grow from the ground up: A lesson in living work from the first organizational chart

Organizations are living systems! With life in them! That’s something we knew way back when. The first organizational chart was drawn as a tree, where leadership is not at the top but rather at the roots and the team are tall, elegant branches that grow out of the leadership foundation. It was made for a railroad—one of the earliest modern forms of connecting human beings to each other, and to where they want to go. How we think about structure… Read More

Apply or recommend a keynote speaker for the IABC World Conference: Deadline 30 November

IABC is considering potential keynotes for the World Conference, 11-14 June 2017 in Washington D.C. With over 10,000 members, IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) is the largest global association for communication professionals. The annual World Conference typically draws about 1,000 attendees from nearly 40 countries. The following are criteria that we consider when selecting a keynote speaker: An authentic, dynamic and effortless speaker with a commanding stage presence who is able to connect with audiences… Read More