Gold Quill Award-winning case study with Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada

6,800 employees. 33 unions. 65 locations. 6 different pension plan designs. 120 communication pieces. 2 official languages. How did Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada introduce a new pension design and benefits program across the company and achieve its financial and non-financial goals? Hint: it involves world-class communication and change management techniques. Join us for an informal and intimate “fireside chat,” where you can ask the key team members their candid perspectives. What worked well?… Read More

Gold Quill Award-winning case study: Equipping an organization for successful large-scale transformation

Today’s leading companies have to deliver business results while in a perpetual state of change. The call for change is coming from every direction, prompting companies to embrace new business models, unexpected strategic alliances and urgent enterprise-wide transformations. While few companies feel equipped to effectively lead their organizations into the future, Bristol-Myers Squibb set out to transform all aspects of its business simultaneously. In the face of intense competition where the speed… Read More

Gold Quill Award-winning case study: Rebuilding trust: Crowchild trail study

Three years after a contentious public meeting and City Council voting unanimously to cease work on a plan to fix traffic congestion on a major roadway, City Council once again voted and this time, unanimously approved both the recommended plan and funding for short-term upgrades. What changed? Learn how the project team integrated technical, engagement and communications deliverables to achieve meaningful, collaborative outcomes, and in so doing, rebuilt trust with community stakeholders…. Read More

Find balance between high performance and self-management

Though business communication can be a thrilling career, it can be a stressful one too. As a matter of fact, communication is the sixth most stressful profession in the world. Presenter Morvan Le Borgne knows what it’s like to be pressured. Being on duty during 9/11, or writing a 10-minute speech with a 30-minute deadline sound quite familiar. With a touch of mindfulness, a twist of high performance and self-management, and a… Read More

Improve internal email results

What could you learn from the analysis of 200 million internal emails? If you want to send better, more engaging messages—whether it’s executive communication, benefits information or company news—then email strategies based on objective data will help. In this session, you’ll learn: How much content people will read—and how to optimize yours. How to use distribution and timing to boost engagement. What makes an email more likely to be opened and read…. Read More

99 problems but an app ain’t one

If you’re having comms problems, we feel bad for you, son. You’ve got 99 problems but an app ain’t one. Listen to a panel of communicators like you tell their story of how going mobile solved key business problems for them and their companies. You’ll learn: Learn directly from those communicators who have launched workforce communication platforms. Hear their successes across a variety of industries of how mobile solved problems. Become more… Read More

Engaging hard-to-reach workers: How Mattress Firm connected 10,000 employees

For most organizations, rapid growth signifies progress and evolution. However, informing and engaging your dispersed workforce can become a challenge. Join us as Mattress Firm’s Tammy Friedeck demonstrates how they connected 10,000 employees via their intranet, and Interact’s Daren Jennings shares expert strategies to help you achieve the same. You’ll learn: How Mattress Firm enabled two-way communication and encouraged shared feedback among employees. How to create a shared sense of culture among… Read More

Integrity: The cornerstone of communication

Nearly all of us have created a crisis communication plan, but how many have had to put that plan into place? Does it include a plan to manage an ethical crisis? This session will dive deep into a case study of an ethical crisis—and how SNC-Lavalin went from crisis to a leader of integrity in the industry. In this session you will learn: The important role each business organization plays during a… Read More

Beyond communication: Getting the message across

Being a disruptor: using the notion of immersive experience to communicate in ways that change perceptions. You may know BRP through its portfolio of industry-leading products such as Ski-Doo, Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and more. Almost every day there are more opportunities to connect business objectives with reputation-building measures. See and hear some best practices of experiential communication and events as opportunities to reach your publics in lasting ways. This is a… Read More

Brewing a better world…one cup at a time

Social responsibility is not only a growing business trend, it’s a source of employee engagement and important as citizens of the world. Keurig Canada offers numerous programs to support the causes employees hold near and dear, including origin trips to coffee-growing countries. In this session you’ll learn: About Keurig’s social responsibility programs and the impact they have on their employees and communities. The impact a good social responsibility program has on employee… Read More