Engaging hard-to-reach workers: How Mattress Firm connected 10,000 employees

For most organizations, rapid growth signifies progress and evolution. However, informing and engaging your dispersed workforce can become a challenge. Join us as Mattress Firm’s Tammy Friedeck demonstrates how they connected 10,000 employees via their intranet, and Interact’s Daren Jennings shares expert strategies to help you achieve the same. You’ll learn: How Mattress Firm enabled two-way communication and encouraged shared feedback among employees. How to create a shared sense of culture among… Read More

Integrity: The cornerstone of communication

Nearly all of us have created a crisis communication plan, but how many have had to put that plan into place? Does it include a plan to manage an ethical crisis? This session will dive deep into a case study of an ethical crisis—and how SNC-Lavalin went from crisis to a leader of integrity in the industry. In this session you will learn: The important role each business organization plays during a… Read More

Beyond communication: Getting the message across

Being a disruptor: using the notion of immersive experience to communicate in ways that change perceptions. You may know BRP through its portfolio of industry-leading products such as Ski-Doo, Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and more. Almost every day there are more opportunities to connect business objectives with reputation-building measures. See and hear some best practices of experiential communication and events as opportunities to reach your publics in lasting ways. This is a… Read More

Brewing a better world…one cup at a time

Social responsibility is not only a growing business trend, it’s a source of employee engagement and important as citizens of the world. Keurig Canada offers numerous programs to support the causes employees hold near and dear, including origin trips to coffee-growing countries. In this session you’ll learn: About Keurig’s social responsibility programs and the impact they have on their employees and communities. The impact a good social responsibility program has on employee… Read More

Why sink or swim when you can play?

Astronauts do it. Air Force pilots do it. Educated children with their toys do it. Let’s do it. Let’s simulate. We have taken a little creative freedom with Cole Porter’s lyrics about falling in love to make a point: communicators need creative learning methods to help us navigate the new—sometimes uneven—professional paths. As we progress in our communication careers, most of us come to a point where we move ahead—or not—by doing… Read More

Real life at the communication crossroads: Creating courage

What do you see in your mind’s eye when you hear the word courage? Do you picture the firefighter, walking into the wall of flames when everyone else is running the other way? Or the extreme sports expert, defying gravity and risking death to achieve a certain level of awe? Or the internal communication leader who decides to miss a deadline because the project isn’t on the right track? Wait—what?? Hold up a minute. Yes,… Read More

From odds to a meaningful end

How do you take a community at odds, an emotional situation, and no good solution to a place of meaningful end? This session will explore the crossroads of community engagement during difficult and emotional times. By examining a real case study on how working through a meaningful community engagement process resulted in an agreeable and creative solution. Learn how to work collaboratively communites in difficult times, rather than working against them.  In… Read More

Bushcraft for communicators: Travelling fast and light in the new world of work

How do leaders, managers and teams work quickly and effectively in an uncertain world confronted by fierce competition and rapidly evolving technology? How do communicators equip their colleagues with the tools they need in this new world of work? Some lessons from history tell a powerful story of what is needed now. In the center of London stands a monument to folly. A monument to Sir John Franklin, leader one of the most… Read More

Great thought leadership uses your inside voice

Thought leadership has been around for ages, but it’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence lately as consumers turn to trusted brands for truthful content. Having a great thought leadership platform, along with credible spokespeople and superb content is, of course, key. One place a lot of organizations don’t spend enough time is sharing all that lovely material with their employees. In fact, I think employees should be our first audience. Nobody… Read More

Data “stormy-telling”: How data stories could help during weather events

This was a mild winter by every measure on the East Coast of the U.S., where I live. We had a few cold spells, but we also hit 70 degrees in February more than once. We hardly had any snow, which meant the skiing was terrible, which was the only real downside. My wife would say that’s not even a downside! Then came March. It came in like a lion, as the… Read More