Be heard with a DIY newsroom

Old-school communication will not cut it in today’s attention economy. Brand marketing, advertising, PR, crisis comms, corporate comms, content marketing, digital and social media: They all have a place in your organization’s media ecosystem. But how do you synthesize these strands of comms for the perfect approach, to make that shift necessary for today’s crazy environment?

Increasingly, organizations around the world, from big corporates through to local governments and nonprofits, are building their own newsrooms. They’re eschewing traditional PR and making the shift by controlling and distributing their own messaging—with their own resources. Just like the pros. In this presentation, I’ll  out how a DIY newsroom puts method to the madness of communicating today. I’ll provide case studies during my presentation and also seek audience participation as we build an example model.

In this session, attendees will learn a simple, five-step SMART Way™ to supercharge communication:

  • Strategy is the blueprint for building the DIY newsroom.
  • Media determines the weapons of mass communication to deploy in the battle for hearts and minds.
  • Authenticity is the secret sauce for creating content that makes a heartfelt connection with audiences.
  • Results are how to gauge success.
  • Team inspires you to mobilize the X-factor – the people who will run the DIY newsroom.

Format: Workshop
Track: Marketing & Brand

Presenter / Stuart Howie / Australia is a communication and media consultant. A former editorial director of Australia’s biggest regional news network, Fairfax Regional Media, he oversaw the editorial operations of 180 newspapers and a newsforce of 900 staff. In a 35-year media career, Stuart has worked as a reporter, executive and strategist. He continues to consult to media in Australia and New Zealand, but is now passing on his knowledge at the cutting-edge of communication to those in other industries. In his new book, The DIY Newsroom, Stuart outlines how organizations and their leaders can follow the principles and practices of the world’s best newsrooms for superior communications—and to do that using their own resources. He outlines his five-step SMART Way to superior communications: Strategy, Media, Authenticity, Results and Team.