Build trust with employee ambassador programs

imageTrust  in business, the media and even NGOs is disintegrating; CEOs are not even perceived as credible spokespersons of their own companies, according to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer. Who do employees trust? The answer is: Subject matter experts and people like themselves—their colleagues. That’s why corporate communication leaders are including grassroots engagement programs in their strategic plans.

Employee ambassador programs that empower people who have a natural affinity to align with your message can make all the difference in increasing engagement levels and building trust. Working with Fortune 500 companies, we have found that creating dynamic employee ambassador programs can drive adoption of key initiatives and behaviors. Ultimately, this can result in a transformational change. Not calling on employee ambassadors to build trust in the organization is a missed opportunity.

Knowing who your employee population trusts is the first step in effecting change. Engaging these reliable sources to communicate on the organization’s behalf is the next. For more information, check out this infographic. And to learn how you can bring power to your people, visit us at Table #114 at The Hub at the IABC World Conference, or stop by our recharging station.

This article is by Jill Vitiello, the founder and president of Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO). VTLO is a preferred sponsor of the IABC World Conference.

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