Building a business case for strategic communication in a complex operating environment: A case study from Nigeria

This session is designed to share practical knowledge about how to articulate a business case for organizations to embrace a strategic approach to external communication in a way that is not overtly driven by sales, marketing or day-to-day business dynamics but takes a well-thought-out view on external positioning that would enable business continuity as well as sustainable long-term growth in a complex operating environment.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn how to articulate a compelling business case for strategic communication.
  • Learn some tips for positive influencing within the organization with an artful combination of internal and external perspectives.
  • Learn how to use communication as a business enabler and be more assertive in your role.

TrackMarketing and Brand
Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Sola Abulu / Nigeria is the communication manager for Shell in Nigeria. She has an MBA from the Lagos Business School. She has worked for Shell in various roles since 1997, including as head of major projects communications in Nigeria in 2008 and international relations manager, Nigeria for Shell International, based in The Hague. Abulu currently leads the country communication team and is responsible for delivering an effective communication strategy for Shell Nigeria.