Buy less, think more: The growing clamour of mindful clothing

All eyes are on the fashion industry, not for the latest trends and collections, but for its increasingly problematic record as a major polluter and irresponsible employer. A growing number of young buyers may be willing to pay more for clothing that is ethically and sustainably produced, but is the industry geared to make the shift?

7 tips for becoming a strong global leader

Googling the word “lead” gives you the following definitions: “Be in charge or command of,” “Organize and direct,” “Set in motion.” These (and most) definitions out there are often focused on how a leader should act instead of how a leader should make others feel. Both are important, but I would argue you should start with thinking about how people feel (and want to feel) in order to shape the actions of… Read More

Rethinking Crisis Communication

by Daniel Munslow Organizations worldwide are experiencing an environment of elevated reputational risk, forcing them to rethink their approach to issues and crisis management. Today’s risk landscape does not allow for companies to start tackling a crisis when it breaks; rather, they need to proactively work on a three-dimensional resilience plan that covers the periods before, during and after risk. While there are many tactical approaches to crisis communication, there are two… Read More

Reflecting on the State of Employee Communication

by Lee Smith At Gatehouse, we recently launched our 11th “State of the Sector” survey. Backed by the IABC Foundation and a host of other leading professional bodies, it’s now the biggest annual study of its kind in the internal communication space. Together with my co-director Simon Wright, we’ve spent much of the last month or so running preview sessions and talking through the headline results with communicators from all around the… Read More

5 Secrets from Improv Comedy to Fuel Your Career Success


by Rob Biesenbach What if I told you that everything you need to know about career success can be learned from the art of improvisational comedy? It’s true. “Improv,” as it’s known, is about way more than belly laughs and physical antics. It’s actually based on important principles like empathy, listening, storytelling and supporting others. In fact, one of the foundational rules of improv is that you’re not on the stage to… Read More

IABC 2018—Where communications meet at the crossroads of change

Sponsor Insights Reshaping political communication strategies using effective content and tools: Case study with Dominick Kennerson, head of Pharma Health Policy Regions Americas, for Bayer Pharma Epresspack had the pleasure of attending the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2018 World Conference held in Montréal, on 3–6 June. The theme of the event this year was, “The Communication Crossroads,” alluding to the unique position of the communication industry at the crossroads of “business,… Read More

Did alignment matter in the 17th century?

Here’s a quick Q&A with two leading thinkers on strategic communication—drawing lessons, including on alignment, from 17th century explorers.   I took part in a pilot version of this new workshop format called Bushcraft for Communicators at #Eurocomm18.  Michael Ambjorn: Bushcraft for communicators: Why this, now? Mike Pounsford Mike Pounsford: Uncertainty, pace of change, the need to build capability in-house to move swiftly in response to changing times. The old world of business is changing and… Read More

PR’s performance on the digital stage

Digitalization of PR has created a landscape in which traditional methods are no longer limited by the restrictions of outdated technology. In this exciting new era of marketing, the digital realm has paved the way for endless advancements and opportunities, while simultaneously improving efficiencies. PR and influence marketing are not mutually exclusive fields. Rather, they are codependent methods that, when combined, can catapult your company to the next level, influence marketing. We… Read More

5 obstacles to reading on smartphones

Reading your webpage on a smartphone is like reading War and Peace through a keyhole. It’s not easy to reach readers on mobile devices. The small screen size, touchscreen and more add up to a lot of usability issues. Here are five obstacles to look out for when writing for the mobile web, according to Raluca Budiu and Jakob Nielsen, authors of User Experience for Mobile Applications and Websites: 1. Screen size Smartphones… Read More

5 tech trends that will rule digital platforms in 2018

With chatbots, voice search, virtual assistants, automated content curators, AI-generated content, augmented reality, and more, technology is once again poised to change the lives of marketing and communication professionals. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more mainstream, its use in digital media is continuing to grow at a fast clip. In 2018, we will see more and more companies beginning to experiment with AI-powered tools and invest in AI-related technologies. Curation platforms and content… Read More