Find balance between high performance and self-management

Though business communication can be a thrilling career, it can be a stressful one too. As a matter of fact, communication is the sixth most stressful profession in the world. Presenter Morvan Le Borgne knows what it’s like to be pressured. Being on duty during 9/11, or writing a 10-minute speech with a 30-minute deadline sound quite familiar. With a touch of mindfulness, a twist of high performance and self-management, and a… Read More

Integrity: The cornerstone of communication

Nearly all of us have created a crisis communication plan, but how many have had to put that plan into place? Does it include a plan to manage an ethical crisis? This session will dive deep into a case study of an ethical crisis—and how SNC-Lavalin went from crisis to a leader of integrity in the industry. In this session you will learn: The important role each business organization plays during a… Read More

Beyond communication: Getting the message across

Being a disruptor: using the notion of immersive experience to communicate in ways that change perceptions. You may know BRP through its portfolio of industry-leading products such as Ski-Doo, Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft and more. Almost every day there are more opportunities to connect business objectives with reputation-building measures. See and hear some best practices of experiential communication and events as opportunities to reach your publics in lasting ways. This is a… Read More

Brewing a better world…one cup at a time

Social responsibility is not only a growing business trend, it’s a source of employee engagement and important as citizens of the world. Keurig Canada offers numerous programs to support the causes employees hold near and dear, including origin trips to coffee-growing countries. In this session you’ll learn: About Keurig’s social responsibility programs and the impact they have on their employees and communities. The impact a good social responsibility program has on employee… Read More