Chemistry at the crossroads: The DuPont/Dow mega merger and transformation communication

The recently-completed mega merger of DuPont and Dow was a multi-year journey packed with twists and turns, regulatory remedies, and significant uncertainty for leaders and employees. Communication took center stage—delivering a critical North Star and providing a consistent employee narrative, engagement strategies for leaders, and critical planning for internal and external influences (activist investors, media speculation, regulatory reviews, etc.).

At the same time, these strategies required constant vigilance to remain effective—including critical auditing of channels, enhanced analytical and reporting capabilities, continuous feedback loops, etc. Through it all, flexibility and focus had to work hand in hand to deliver results. Lessons learned from this unique transformation story will be shared; merger communications are no longer just about the transaction; the influences of multiple stakeholders have created new crossroads—and many choices for communicators to make.

Attendees will learn how to plan for, execute, measure and report against key goals that drive transformational change in a highly dynamic environment, including:

  • Ensuring employee understanding of change, and believing in its opportunity.
  • Empowering leaders to champion a change journey.
  • Enabling ongoing performance for the business/minimize disruption.

TrackEmployee Engagement
Career level: Strategic adviser

Presenter / Mark Dollins /U.S. is head of executive and global employee communications at DuPont, where he creates and executes strategies to increasingly engage 40,000 employees in the company’s growth plans. Prior to joining DuPont, Dollins was president of North Star Communications, a consultancy with core capabilities in change communication and employee engagement, and SVP of global internal communication at PepsiCo. He holds a master’s degree in organizational communications from Purdue.


Presenter / Greg Carlisle / U.S. is a senior consultant at Gagen MacDonald, where he leads change communication efforts that focus on employee engagement and effective leadership for such top clients as Pfizer, USAA, Praxair and DuPont. Previously, Carlisle was vice president of communications for Hudson Highland—with responsibility for brand, media and internal communication—and a change consultant at Sibson. His previous PR agency experience includes Golin and Media Strategy.