Choose by career level and shape a program to fit your needs

careerIn addition to multiple presentation formats and a global mix of premier presenters, this year’s World Conference offers another new feature. The professional development programming at the World Conference has been mapped to align with your career journey. In addition to tying in with the Global Standard of the communication profession, sessions are designed to fit with your current career focus, helping to further tailor your experience to best suit your individual needs.

Each session has been marked as falling into one or more of these career paths:

  • Foundation: Entry level of the profession—foundational skills are required to do the job and understand the organization’s culture, structure and function.
  • Generalist/specialist: Communication professionals at this level begin to refine their career choices with either a specific or a generalist focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach.
  • Strategic adviser: Communication professionals expand their expertise and innovation and assume increased responsibilities, including resource management, at this level.
  • Business leader: Communication professionals demonstrate the ability to serve at a senior-peer level, lead within an organization by providing counsel, and help to set organizational direction at a strategic level.

Just pick the career path that resonates best for you. Sessions are also searchable by format and topic track. Check out the sessions and see what will work best for you!