Communication on point: Successful strategies for paid social media campaigns

Communication is at a crossroads and this includes the digital space. Organic or paid? Influencer marketing or from the brand? Regardless of where you net out, your brand deserves to be in the spotlight.

Gone are the days of relying solely on organic content—the best communicators are executing solid paid digital strategies on social media and beyond. From Facebook boosted posts and targeted ads to Twitter campaigns and paid video—each comes with its own version of parameters for reaching niche audiences and expanding brand reach. Which are the best to use? How do you measure success? If you haven’t established a paid social media strategy, this is your next move. We’ll cover what to track, how to track it, and the most effective way to set up your information that can easily be understood and analyzed by key decision makers in your company.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Understand the digital channels that are most effective for paid campaigns and the best use of time in using/developing those for your audience.
  • Organize a paid digital media strategy (from content to schedule/plan to stats).
  • Understand the how, why and how often to track results and how to tie them to your brand’s overall growth goals.

TrackMarketing and Brand
Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Melissa Harrison / U.S. is CEO of Allee Creative. With 15+ years experience, her work focuses on marketing strategy, branding and business development. She’s been named a “Top Young Entrepreneur” by Minnesota Business Magazine, a “Top Content Marketer” by the Content Marketing Institute, and a “Mover & Shaker” by the Star Tribune. Harrison is a 4-time recipient of the Hermes Creative Award, an international speaker, and one of 100 women to watch in the U.S. as part of The Inspirational Women Project.