Connect & compel: Mastering your presentations in the TED Talk era (Hot seat workshop)

It’s a TED Talk world and we’re all presenting in it. Are you ready? The popularity of TED Talks has radically shifted the landscape for presenters of every kind. Audience expectations these days are higher than ever. People want presentations that are more concise, more visually appealing and that include a human touch, among many other things. Communicators who fail to adapt to these changing standards risk being left behind—and few things in our business are more important than the ability to present our ideas in clear, compelling (and modern) terms.

In this intensive workshop, we’ll ground participants in the latest techniques for grabbing and holding an audience’s attention. You’ll learn to structure your content for maximum impact and deliver your ideas in the most compelling way possible. Come prepared to deliver a 2-minute mock presentation in front of the group. Select volunteers (as many as we can handle) will get detailed, personalized feedback from workshop leader Rob Biesenbach, who has helped hundreds of senior executives become more powerful, persuasive presenters. And he’s a professional speaker himself who regularly practices the principles he preaches on stages around the world. Or be part of the audience, root for (or even rate) your colleagues, and you’re sure to learn tons of practical, actionable tips for becoming a more effective presenter. Either way, you’ll come away with the tools necessary to win over any audience, drive changes in behavior and actions, position yourself as a trusted expert, and lead by example.

Format: Workshop
Track: Career and Future Skills
Date and time: Tuesday, 16 June, 1-3:15 p.m.

Presenter / Rob Biesenbach / U.S.  works with leaders who want to persuade, sell and compel—anytime, anywhere, and in front of any audience. He’s helped hundreds of CEOs and other executives break free from Death by PowerPoint, tell their story, and communicate like humans. He’s an in-demand speaker and trainer, an award-winning consultant, a bestselling author and a Second City–trained actor. Biesenbach’s approach uses lessons from the world of show business to help people succeed in their business. He has presented at more than a dozen IABC events, including four times at IABC World. Other speaking clients include AARP, Allstate, American Cancer Society, Deloitte, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and Lockheed Martin. In former lives, he was a vice president at Ogilvy PR, press secretary to the Ohio Attorney General and a nonprofit and association executive in Washington, DC.