Continuous disruption as the new normal

The pace of technological changes and accelerated innovation are transforming the way our target audience consumes information. While people’s choices of how and what information they access are expanding, their attention spans are shrinking. As communicators of your brand, how do you stand out in this clutter and engage with audiences in a way that resonates and inspires them, incites behavioral changes and ultimately inspires them to take action: buy the product, participate, or volunteer? This session focuses on three ways that you, as communicators of the future, can embrace the mindset of continuous re-imagining, unlearning, learning and disrupting the status quo to stay relevant as the expectations of our customers grow:

  • Personalization: Creating a sense of belonging and evoking deep empathy with the audience.
  • Ownership: Partnering to ensure shared ownership of the experience, co-creating content and story.
  • Democratization: Believing in the power of many, instilling a sense of pride to create brand advocacy and evangelists.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Aligning brand perception with brand experience to create a deeper connection between the audience and the brand values.
  • Enable people to co-create the brand culture based on their experience of the brand (taking a page from Maya Angelou’s philosophy of people never forgetting how we make them feel).
  • Creating evangelists of the brand’s value proposition, its belief system and key differentiator.

Format: Presentation
Track: Marketing & Brand

Presenter / Anshuman Kumar has spent almost two decades in the field of marketing and communications. A believer in collective storytelling, he joined Intuit in 2012 and led the charge to help establish Intuit as an employer of choice by empowering employees to evangelize and amplify Intuit’s culture. This unique employee-powered transformation helped Intuit rank as the No. 1 Best Company to Work For in India. The transformation was featured as a case study in  by Harvard Business Review. Anshuman has replicated similar successes across Australia, Canada and Israel, with Intuit featured among the Best Companies to Work For consistently across these global locations. Anshuman also leads Intuit’s start-up connect program, the Intuit Circles, engaging with the start-up ecosystem sharing Intuit’s design thinking approach and innovation methodologies to help start-ups grow and innovate at scale.