Corporate television: The case for outsourcing

What is your job? The corporation you worked for hired you in a media management capacity, as a public relations expert, maybe as an information coordinator–any number of titles that essentially come down to making sure that your employer’s message comes across clearly and succinctly, and in a compelling way. If you’re looking to produce high-quality corporate television, does that mean you have to own and manage all of the technology needed to create the message? Not necessarily.

Do you need a big studio?

Unless your company shoots regularly scheduled programming on a daily basis, there may not be a need to maintain a large studio. There are so many different cameras, lenses, filters, etc. out there that not using outsourced production companies may limit your choices for the looks you are trying to achieve.

How production companies can help

Do you like how House of Cards or The Hobbit looks? Hire a production company that shoots with Red cameras. Need some extreme-slow-motion demo sequences? Hire a company that specializes in shooting with Phantom high-speed cameras. Like the overall look of features such as the latest James Bond movies or many of your favorite TV shows? Hire a company that shoots with Arri Alexa or Sony F55. The point is that you can have your choice of camera technology without owning the camera.

The other factor to consider is the cost of traveling equipment and personnel to locations around the globe, when highly qualified creative camera people are already at the location where you plan on shooting.

Outsourcing your production has obvious financial and budget benefits. Budget money supports the specific project, not equipment that will stand idle for long periods. It gives you the means to concentrate more funds directly if you want to improve the quality of your project with more animation and bigger production values, or allows you to save money per production giving you the means to produce more projects.

What are the benefits of hiring production talent?

There are many benefits for hiring local camera and production talent on a per-project basis:

  1. The outsourced production company only charges for the time they work for you.
  2. Last-minute projects are easily accommodated. With the large number of local companies near you or your location, the chances of booking a company even up to the same day are very good.
  3. You hire who, what and how much you need based on the project’s requirements.
  4. Niche requirements are better fulfilled (e.g., the aforementioned high-speed photography, crews experienced with shooting surgical procedures, documentary specialists, etc.)
  5. The ability to take a project from start to completion in the event that you need to produce more projects in a given period of time than you have staff to handle.
  6. International needs are best fulfilled by local crews in those countries who are familiar with the culture and laws regarding shooting.

Make sure your production company understands you

With the immense choice of production companies available for your projects, you need to work through an agency that has these companies in their network, understands corporate production and can get you the services you need at a moment’s notice.

As a media manager and corporate communicator, you need to do what’s best when producing TV for your company; you need to make sure that you have used the best technologies and creativity to get their message across. Why limit your technologies and imaging creativity when, through outsourcing the production, you can have your choice of everything available, while still producing on budget?

This article by Andrea Keating, the founder of Crews Control, was reprinted with permission. Crews Control is one of the solution providers to be featured in the exhibit hall (The Hub) at the IABC World Conference.

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