Creativity is more valuable than knowledge

Communication professionals are central to so many areas of business, but we’re still struggling the get our permanent seat at the table. We have got the answer to this riddle: creativity.

Traditionally, we enjoy our reputations as the “creatives” within our organization—we are the fun and interesting ones. The problem is, this definition is output-focused and technically flawed. Creativity is the driver of innovation. It’s central to improvement, motivation and ultimately the bottom line of the business. Every element of your business can be positively impacted by creativity, and every member of your organization has the capacity for it and the potential to get better at it. It is possible to scientifically measure improved creativity within our brains and the actions required for this transformation are remarkably applicable to a business and personal context. We will share our top three principles for developing creative capacity, as well as the latest research into cognitive flexibility.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn exactly what creativity is and the potential it represents for our businesses and us.
  • Learn how to conquer creative fear, which is the primary inhibitor of creativity.
  • Gain practical tools and real life applications for increasing creative capability.
  • Have context for understanding and leading pervasive creativity.

TrackCommunication skills
Career level: Strategic adviser

Presenter / Danielle Jorgensen / Australia works directly to align who you are with what you say and do. Whether listening, storytelling or networking, she activates energy and fun in herself and others. As founder of Tribe Twenty, Jorgensen uses creativity and an insight-based approach to show individuals and organizations how to achieve success through recognizing and solidifying their original voices, behaviors and identities. She has spent 20 years living and working throughout China and Australia.


Presenter / Deb Lemcke /Australia is the director of a boutique communication consultancy, The Launch Box, and works with a wide range of government, community and private sector clients. Her greatest strength—apart from her sparkling personality—is her ability to create the right team and solutions to deliver projects on time and within budget. With more than 20 years’ experience, Lemcke is a highly respected strategic adviser, member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and loves an intellectual challenge.