Did you know World Conference attendance counts toward professional certification?

professional business conference

Yes, that’s right. Both the main IABC World Conference sessions and the Strategic Adviser Forum, which is the event’s pre-conference workshop, will help you meet the eligibility requirements for certification programs offered by the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC).

As a business communicator, professional certification can elevate your career and help keep your skills fresh and applicable. It provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. And it could help you land your next big opportunity or perform at a higher level in your current role.

The certification programs available through the GCCC are:

Communication Management Professional (CMP) For generalist, specialist and other business communicators established in their careers as managers and looking to demonstrate their competence.

  • Eight years of experience and 40 hours of training OR
  • Six years of experience, two years of education, and 40 hours of training

Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) For highly skilled business communicators practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counseling to an organization’s leadership.

  • 11 years of experience and 20 hours of training AND
  • A letter of recommendation from mentees or an organization for which the candidate has done pro bono work addressing senior level contributions to communications.

If you already have your CMP or SCMP certification, those credits may be applied toward maintaining your certification. And if you’ve already been accepted into either certification program and are ready to sit for the exam, you can do that while you’re in Chicago for the World Conference too.

Here’s how you earn points and hours

Just by attending the World Conference and the pre-conference workshop, here’s what you’ll earn. It’s a great opportunity to combine to professional development efforts.

Hours toward CMP application requirements

Certified CMP annual maintenance


Main conference

20 hours toward 40 hours of training

Each full day = 8 hours

Wednesday’s half day = 4 hours

Main conference

10 points per day up to 20 points for full conference

5 points for Wednesday’s half day

Pre-conference workshop

Up to 3 hours toward 40 hours of training


Pre-conference workshop (Strategic Adviser Forum)

3 points for the workshop



Total = From 4 to 26 hours toward 40-hour requirement Total = From 3 to 26 points toward 40-point annual requirement

Review the GCCC Candidate Handbook for more information about conference attendance pertaining to the training requirement of the application. If you’ve already earned your certification, learn more about maintaining your credentials by reviewing the GCCC Renewal Rubric.

Email the GCCC with any questions about these certification or earning credits.

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