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WorldInnovative ideas and creative solutions are not relegated to one part of the world. They’re everywhere. That’s why IABC World Conference speakers and attendees reflect the international nature of what makes the communication profession so special—a myriad of perspectives, ideas and experiences that reflect the diverse nature of organizational communication.

This year’s conference is shaping up to be more globally representative than ever before. Last year’s attendees represented nearly 40 countries. As we head toward 14-17 June, attendees will be streaming in to San Francisco from all over the world, creating a richly vibrant, multicultural, one-of-a-kind experience.

This year’s IABC speakers are coming from all corners of the world, including Argentina, Australia, Bangkok, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, U.K., United States and Venezuela.

They’ll be addressing topics of critical relevance to the success and survival of organizations everywhere. Focusing on a blend of internal and external communication, here are just some of the topics they’ll be covering:

  • Social media for “tough-to-love” brands
  • Developing internal communication for a global audience
  • How startup culture is influencing the future of communication
  • Engaging your employees in the digital age
  • How risk, resilience and psychology give us a new communication toolkit
  • How best-in-class functions organize to help lead their companies
  • Measurement: Putting science in the art of communication

Join a global group of top communication professionals for an unparalleled experience of discovery and learning where you’ll gain creative insights, helpful perspectives, practical knowledge and global connections that will benefit you now and into the future.

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