Don’t fake it! How to sell them on sustainability without greenwashing

We’ve all heard it. Sustainability is driving consumers to brands and employees to companies. This means that embracing sustainability and purpose as a strategic initiative is no longer optional. And integrating sustainability messaging in your communication is critical for achieving benefits such as higher long-term returns, improved shareholder relations, better employee retention, and enhanced brand loyalty.

But there’s no fooling anyone—people can sniff out ingenuity a mile away. Businesses who are only communicating sustainability because it’s “cool” without the actions to back it up are quickly called out for greenwashing.

In this session, we’ll answer the question: “How can you communicate your sustainability efforts in a way that is sincere and authentic?” Our 5-step formula is based on substance and transparency, not marketing fluff. We’ll share high-level strategy approaches as well as practical examples from industry-leading organizations. You’ll walk away inspired to save the world while making your company more money.

Format: Presentation
Track: Communication Driving Business

Presenter / Jonathan Hanwit / U.S. is a founding partner and Chief Engagement Officer of thinkPARALLAX, a branding and communication agency on a mission to better the world by articulating and amplifying our clients’ impact. As a branding, strategy, and sustainability expert, Hanwit has worked with international brands such as Southwest Airlines, Qualcomm, Twitter and International Paper on large scale internal and external sustainability focused communication projects. Both professionally and personally he donates his time and resources to causes and communities for positive impact. He serves on the board for the School of Peace and Justice at USD and spearheads fundraising for the local public school district. The father of two boys, he spends as much time surfing and traveling the world as possible.