Employee communication 3.0: How to be relevant five years from now

The pace of change in the employee communication industry is breathtaking—and it’s only going to get faster. Employees today want relevant, compelling information, delivered in the channel of their choice. “Corporate” communication is dead. “Creative” communication is becoming the norm. In this fun session, former No. 1-rated IABC World Conference speaker Steve Crescenzo will show you:

  • How to find your strategic focus and make the important interesting.
  • How to “do less and do it better,” and be a strategic counselor rather than an order taker.
  • How to take advantage of every tool at your disposal to reach, engage, educate, and motivate your internal audiences.
  • How to collaborate with external communicates to build an employee brand both inside and outside the organization.
  • How to turn even the most boring corporate information into compelling content that people will pay attention to—and interact with.

Format: Traditional
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Presenter / Steve Crescenzo / U.S. Through his work as a seminar leader, speaker and consultant over the past 25 years, Steve Crescenzo has helped thousands of communicators improve their communication channels and content. He urges communicators to take the “corporate” out of “corporate communications,” and replace it with “creative.” He believes communicators have one primary goal: to make the important interesting. He has been the No. 1-rated speaker at IABC World Conference seven times, including three years in a row. He also speaks at numerous IABC chapters every year. He runs Crescenzo Communications with his wife and business partner, Cindy Crescenzo.