End-user privacy is the future: Are you ready?

End-user privacy has already taken off over the past couple of years and will continue to be a central point for all major social media networks. This means that end-users will have better control over who they invite on their personal timelines and feeds. What does this mean for social media marketers?

It’s going to be even more challenging to reach target audiences in a field that’s already competitive and fast-moving. At Health Sciences North (HSN), we have a social media strategy that’s flexible and allows us to adapt quickly to this fast pace of change in the social media world. We rely on customization and regular social media analytics to track our performance persistently.

Here are the three dimensions of customization that we follow:

  1. Customization of content for the target audience: We pay close attention to our audience preference and continue to curate and tailor our content to meet these expectations.
  2. Customization of content for each social media platform: We “speak” in a particular social media voice/language based on the platform used. Our social media goals are customized for each social media platform.
  3. Customization of analytics and KPIs: We have customized our analytical tools and the industry benchmarks to fit what works best for us and our audience.

This session will share how you can manage to keep up with the pace of change, to maneuver through the complex social media world and be prepared for the future.

Format: Presentation
Track: Creativity, Technology & Design

Presenter / Suchita Bali / Canada is a social media and web specialist at Health Sciences North and also a Ph.D. student at Laurentian University. Her love for social media and numbers propelled her career in the digital communication field. Her approach is “all numbers tell a story!” She believes in taking a storytelling approach when working with analytics and research. Her day job includes managing social media and web platforms for the largest academic teaching hospital in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. In her role at the hospital, she has written the digital communication strategy, including a social media and web content management strategy. Through her Ph.D., she aspires to explore and discover some of the biggest constraints faced by Canadian healthcare foundations in the digital space. Her educational background includes an MBA and a bachelor’s  degree in computer science and commerce.