Future-proofing your organization in an evolving world

In today’s world of disruption, organizations are continually transforming. The benefits of transformation are often not fully realized and are rarely sustained. To adapt to changing conditions, organizations must strategically pivot to take advantage of the rapidly developing opportunities around them. Although business leaders today understand disruption intuitively and its impact to their business, customer base, key metrics, and growth, there is a new challenge coming to light: Disruption is no longer an interruption to the pattern, but the pattern itself—a consistent, ongoing reality.

How can you best prepare to face this new paradigm? By shifting to a sustaining performance approach that assumes continuous disruption, you will be able to operate with more speed and agility to stay ahead of and even define changing skill, resource, and ecosystem needs.

This session challenges participants to shift their mind-set from maintaining outcomes to evolving capabilities with a new approach to solve for challenges of the future:

Key learning points:

  • Sense: Understand where you are and where you need to be to anticipate and drive disruption.
  • Lead: Invest in adaptive leadership and new enterprise capabilities that challenge the status quo.
  • Extend: Explore the art of the possible to innovate and maximize long-term value through strategic partnerships.

These concepts will be presented and discussed using an interactive case study scenario as seen through the eyes of a communication business leader.

Format: Presentation
Track: Communication Driving Business

Presenter / DeAnna Bennett / U.S. is a managing director in Deloitte’s human capital practice and has more than 25 years of experience in organizational transformation. She focuses on human-computer interaction and the changing nature of work, from enterprise collaboration to enterprise-wide systems. She guides complex organizations through the transition to new digital behaviors, helping the workforce evolve and sustain new solutions. She is active in the public sector industry and has deep experience with the wholesale/distribution sector of consumer products. Bennett has supported both small business and those in the Fortune 100. She is currently the business operations adviser for a state government.

Presenter / Kraig Eaton / U.S. is a principal in Deloitte’s HR Transformation practice, leading the HR strategy and excellence offering. Eaton brings 25 years of HR consulting experience, supporting clients across all industry sectors. He works to assist Deloitte’s clients across the full spectrum of HR and talent transformations, including assessments and strategy development, large-scale global transformations, shared services, and HR technology implementations.