What makes the IABC World Conference so extraordinary? (Videos)

Did you attend this year’s IABC World Conference? If so, you’ll know what we mean when we say this is one extraordinary event. So what makes the World Conference so special? It’s the people, the content and the all of those opportunities you get to learn and connect with a community of people who share the honor, the joy and yes sometimes the frustration of being a communication professional. You are coming to a place where you are understood, challenged and supported. That’s IABC. That’s the World Conference.

What can you expect in 2017?

Capitol HillOur theme for the upcoming IABC World Conference, happening 11–14 June 2017, is GLOBAL BUSINESS: Lead Communication—Make Real ImpactIt represents our mission to elevate your career, to highlight the global rise of communication as a business-crucial part of the organization, and to showcase the stunning transformation made by Washington D.C., our conference city, as it tackles challenges to become a strong and growing hub for innovation.

A premier communication event

The IABC World Conference is a long-standing, global, premier professional development event designed for communication practitioners. The only major conference of its type, the event typically draws 1,000  to 1,200 attendees from around the world. Speakers are selected through a peer-reviewed process, with evaluations conducted by top experts in the field. Selections are based on alignment to the IABC Global Standard, and the degree to which the sessions will inform, engage and deliver on the conference theme.

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Aiming high with outstanding content

Following through on this year’s theme, a focus on innovation will be carried throughout the program, building on the best of what we’ve learned about outstanding communication, and aiming high to capture the newest knowledge and ideas in the profession. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Learn how to drive innovation and reinvent your communication practice.
  • Access ideas about new tools and techniques that will foster your ability to innovate.
  • Experience truly inspirational keynotes who can expand your ideas about the future of the profession.

IABC is grounded in creating connections around knowledge, experiences, ideas and people. These connections drive innovation and enable you, and the communication profession, to rise and be recognized for the contributions you make to your organizations.

Tangible benefits

By attending the IABC World Conference, you will:

  • Expand your network through more than 1,000 participants in attendance.
  • Experience outstanding keynote speeches and informative panel discussions.
  • Choose from exceptional sessions in a variety of formats.
  • Earn credits toward professional certification.

We’ll share the innovative knowledge, creative tools and critical connections we need to make communication the centerpiece of a thriving business community.

Tracks with a focus

Our sessions will be organized by one of these five tracks.

    • Communication skills: Skill-based knowledge, such as technical and social media skills, measurement techniques, planning, writing, photography/visuals, design and presenting
    • Leadership and strategy: Dialogue and techniques that position communication as a high-value function, enable communicators to facilitate and foster relationships, build leadership skills and empower communicators to better support business goals
    • Marketing and brand: Insights and expertise on marketing to support sales and branding as an expression of the value of an organization, product or service
    • Reputation: Guidance on interpreting perceptions, values and connections that stakeholders have toward an organization, incorporating social responsibility and employing strategies for preparing for, and dealing with, a crisis
    • Employee engagement: Case studies, analysis and best practices that help to ensure employee behaviors that support organizational goals and demonstrate above-and-beyond commitment
Global Standard, career paths and certification

The World Conference program is aligned to the Global Standard, defined by communication professionals around the world who embrace a shared career purpose and six core principles as the building blocks of their work. Applying that standard enables us to cross all borders, align with diverse cultures and effectively serve organizations of all types and sizes.

Sessions will also be categorized by career path, helping to support your career goals as you plan your schedule. Choose the path that best describes where you are today. And did you know that your attendance at the World Conference can be applied toward professional certification? Learn more.

Join us for an event that will enlighten with new ideas, expand your connections and benefit your career.

Scenes from the 2016 World Conference

The communication community shares their thoughts

There’s one thing that we know about our audience of professional communicators. They are generous with helping their peers. They share discoveries, ideas and surprises. At IABC we love that because all of that audience feedback helps to inform what we can do to continue to make the IABC World Conference the best event in the communication profession. After the World Conference, we had some fascinating reviews, interesting analysis and constructive critiques. Here’s a sampling of what people thought about the 2016 IABC World Conference.

Top influencers: MediaMiser analyzed over 11,000 tweets to determine the top influencers at the conference and wrote this piece.

Conference recaps: Here are a few recaps of the conference:

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IABC/EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) Region shares this great overview on how to get insights into the World Conference.

Join us in Washington D.C.

IABC is grounded in creating connections around knowledge, experiences, ideas and people. These connections drive innovation and enable you, and the communication profession, to rise and be recognized for the contributions you make to your organizations.


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