Adapt your messages and strategies in different global markets

In this session, Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., a former global communicator in the Obama administration and United Nations will discuss how to adapt your communication practices for different countries and cultures.

She will break the world into ten different “cultural clusters” and explain the messages, strategies, and tactics that work best within each of them—from the need to convey emotion in the Arab world to the importance of enlisting independent social media influencers in China. The material is based upon interviews she conducted with senior communication executives in 31 nations.

Modern communication professionals are expected to be able to practice their craft across countries and cultures. This presentation will explain how they should adapt their messages and strategies when working in different global markets. Alaimo will offer cutting-edge recommendations—ranging from how to use indigenous social media platforms around the globe to the very latest influencer engagement strategies—that will expose the audience to practices at the very forefront of the field.

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