Gold Quill Award-winning case study: Equipping an organization for successful large-scale transformation

Today’s leading companies have to deliver business results while in a perpetual state of change. The call for change is coming from every direction, prompting companies to embrace new business models, unexpected strategic alliances and urgent enterprise-wide transformations.

While few companies feel equipped to effectively lead their organizations into the future, Bristol-Myers Squibb set out to transform all aspects of its business simultaneously. In the face of intense competition where the speed of science is unprecedented,  and there is a significant need to capitalize on unmet opportunity, they retained strategy execution firm Gagen MacDonald to help. Gagen’s unique approach focused on the human side of change helped build employee belief around why transformation is good for the company and good for them.

In our case study, we will share key learnings and proven approaches to make business transformation feel more achievable and energizing for both leaders and employees.

Track: Gold Quill Award-winning case study
Date and time: Wednesday, 6 June, 9–10 a.m.

Jennifer Hahn is a corporate communication expert with more than 20 years’ experience leading internal communication strategic initiatives, thriving in both corporate and consulting settings. Her proven track record of influence and diplomacy has earned leaders’ trust and raised their awareness about the importance of communicating openly and consistently with employees. Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald in September 2016, Hahn built and executed communication best practices to effectively prepare employees for significant change, minimizing disruption to productivity and employee engagement. She understands that employees experience and accept change based on how it impacts them and she advises leaders to communicate with their teams’ specific needs in mind.


Presenter / Kristal Sauer brings a strong understanding of the challenges of the corporate environment to the consulting space. Most recently, she partnered with a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to increase the company’s understanding, commitment and ownership of their new, common name and unified global brand among leaders and employees. Sauer has supported a US$2 billion global diversified manufacturer of engineering and technical solutions to launch a global, multi-year HR transformation that enables the company’s business strategy for growth and strengthens its performance culture. She also led a global technology systems implementation for a leading Fortune 500 health care company to educate and engage global employees on improved IT customer service capabilities.