Unconference: Group Mentoring

Group mentoring, which will take place during the “unconference” portion of the IABC World Conference, is aimed at communication professionals who are new to the field, or who are experiencing, or want to be prepared for, a career transition. Facilitated by IABC Fellows, small groups of attendees participate in collective learning about a particular communication function and discipline. They also identify obstacles and discuss how to address challenges in the course of their careers.

About Group Mentoring

Groups with 15 or fewer participants per facilitator will benefit simultaneously from the experience and expertise of the mentor and interaction with other mentees. The richness of the experience multiplies as each group participant brings personal experiences into the conversation. The facilitators will ask questions to keep the dialogue thought-provoking and meaningful. They will share their own personal experiences, provide feedback and serve as a sounding board.

Two one-hour sessions as follows:

  • Facilitator introduces him/herself and provides an overview of the career topic/issue to be discussed.
  • There is a group agreement to share information in a confidential and safe space.
  • Attendees introduce themselves and share their career hopes, aspirations and what kind of information would benefit them most.
  • Facilitator guides the group through a discussion about professional growth, drawing from his or her personal experiences on effective strategies, pitfalls to avoid and how to set up career plans that lead to success.
  • During the discussion, the participants share information about the types of obstacles they face.
  • The mentor facilitates a discussion on how to address challenges and discover new opportunities.

Mentoring Topics

So, You Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Deciding to go solo or start one’s own company requires more than just the technical expertise. It requires business expertise, tenacity and a fearless confidence in yourself. The conversation will lead to best practices and “things I’d wished I’d known.” Mary Ann McCauley, ABC, IABC Fellow, provides strategic communication planning to help clients develop successful communication plans.

What Career Direction are You Going?

Every career path is unique, yet the challenges and goals we have as communication professionals are often similar – even if worlds apart. Join ABCs/IABC Fellows, Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, from South Africa and Anna Marie Willey, from Canada in an engaging discussion about where you are along your career journey, and where you may want to go – from Foundation to Business Leader level.

How to Sell Your Ideas (and Yourself!)

Your creativity is stellar. Your writing is spectacular. Yet no one rushes to embrace your brilliant ideas and plans. Brad Whitworth, SCMP, ABC, IABC Fellow, will lead a conversation to help you hone your selling skills – whether you’re justifying your budget, closing a deal, or marketing yourself.

Group mentoring will take place 1–2 p.m. and 2:15–3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, 5 June, and is included with a full, standard or Tuesday registration.

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