How to be a future-fit marketer

The entire world is under siege. The COVID-19 pandemic is being perceived as either a black swan or grey swan event. Irrespective of the myriad shades, there is no denying the magnitude of the event that has thrown life out of gear the world over, accelerating in its wake the pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Physical distancing has become the norm and webinars, the virtual alternative for in-person events. The new normal – where technology ensures social connection – has prompted both newer ways of working and newer ways of marketing.

Given this context, the future-fit marketeer has to start finding new meta mental models that will ensure stronger engagement with the relevant target audience. Numerous questions will need tangible answers. Why will the algorithm of the human brain be as important as analysing the data generated? What will be more important: the plan or the process of building the plan? Where is the white space to be explored for innovation in marketing? How can empathy mapping work most effectively to ensure brand loyalty in times of crisis?

This session will make an attempt to answer some such questions, deconstructing the notion of marketing that today centres around human experience with business and technology on either side of the spectrum. Using case studies, we will examine mental models that combine purposeful creativity with Artificial Intelligence to ensure return on investment, sustainability and growth.

Key learning points:

  • Position: What is the stance and strategy to be adopted to collapse the boundaries of space and time when it comes to bionic marketing?
  • Intuition: Why it is important to weave in the “obligation to dissent” to make competition irrelevant and create uncontested markets.
  • Cognition: How can a future-fit marketeer ensure a good story is truth well told and relevant, with the desirable frame of reference and language of evidence.

Format: Presentation
Track: Marketing & Brand

Presenter / Dr. Vishnupriya Sengupta / India has been criss-crossing the media, corporate and academic worlds for over two decades. Having started as a print journalist, she moved into the corporate sphere to explore other facets of communication. Content, marketing and communication are her core competencies and writing her passion. As director at PwC India, she has driven knowledge management, change management, communications and publications, drawing on her vast experience and research in diverse fields—with marketing as a binder. Sengupta has travelled widely the world over on work and to deliver talks at international seminars held in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Italy, Poland, China, Thailand and India. Several of her papers have been published in academic journals and business publications both in India and abroad. She won the Recognize 2016 PwC award in recognition of her individual contribution to the firm’s brand image, an award for securing the second position in a global contest organized by PwC Global and CNBC on what women’s empowerment will mean for men, and was nominated for the Reach Out program, a diversity initiative for potential women leaders of the firm.