How to bring clarity to communication when everything around you is changing

When an organization changes, what really happens is that people must change what they do. The problem? Those required to change don’t often know exactly what’s expected. They need more than aspiration. They need specifics, clearly delivered, to transform a leader’s vision into action. Few frustrations are greater than being told to “change” without clear direction on what the leader expects. And when demands come in a time of rapid transformation, frustration translates into delays, re-dos, and failure. Without clear communication, we’re just floating on a sea of change when we ought to be moving ahead.

To bring about change, leaders must be clear and specific in their communication. Words matter. No ambiguity. No doubt. In this seminar, Georgetown lecturer Michael Long shares the message-making, writing, and communication techniques he’s created for high-profile corporate leaders to bring their organizations through change.

With real-world examples from 20 years of experience, Michael takes attendees through five techniques that equip leaders to lead with clear communication—so that stakeholders understand exactly what’s expected of them in a time of change:

  • Transforming messages into action steps.
  • Why being clear is more important than being clever.
  • Persuasion and the “fact trap.”
  • Structuring communications to compel the interest of a specific audience.
  • Simple ways to maximize understanding.

Using lectures, conversation, interactive games, and on-screen editing of audience contributions, Mike equips leaders with the skills—and confidence—to communicate and motivate in a time of change.

Format: Presentation
Track: Career & Future Skills

Presenter / Michael Long / U.S. teaches writing around the world. As the writing coach for the Professional Speechwriters Association, a playwright, and a trained physicist, Mike equips communicators with step-by-step techniques to craft business writing that achieves practical goals: persuasion, understanding, and action. His seminars are funny and fun, and build skills using the tools of rhetoric, reporting, drama, and neuroscience. Mike is co-author of The Molecule of More, an Amazon #1 New Release in neuroscience. He most recently won the Neil LaBute New Theater Festival for the second year in a row and was a grand-prize finalist in screenwriting at the Slamdance Film Festival. He has delivered a keynote address at Oxford University, and recently taught at the Paris Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ Conference. Mike has taught writing in the graduate program in corporate communication at Georgetown University for 11 years.