How to Foster Employee Engagement within the Digital Workplace

Engaged employees are more important to an organization’s success than ever before. It is critical to provide the right environment and resources for your employees to connect, collaborate, and engage.

Join Rob Ryan, director of solutions consulting at LumApps, as he shares:

  • Existing challenges in communication and the digital workplace that can prevent engagement.
  • Qualities of an exceptional digital workplace that propel success and achieve results.
  • Tangible use cases you can take home with you to your organization.
  • Actionable steps to improve communication and employee engagement within your digital domain.

Format: Presentation
Track: Solution Provider

Day & Time:  Tuesday, 16 June, 11:30am-12:15pm PDT

Presenter / Rob Ryan / U.S. has spent his career finding new and novel ways to transform how companies deliver value to their customers, and most importantly, their employees. His award-winning digital transformation program strategies have helped shaped the communities, extranets, and digital workplaces for some of the world’s most recognized brands. As director of solutions consulting, Ryan partners closely with LumApps’ largest enterprise customers in aligning their digital workplace vision, justifying solution-driven business value to executives, and providing a clear path forward.


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