How to manage your PR agency relationships in 2020

The dynamics of client-agency relationships are rapidly changing. The days of long martini lunches, dude-bonding over golf, and multi-year contracts are long gone. In 1984, the average client-agency relationship tenure was 7.2 years; in 1997 (13 years later) it was 5.3 years (25 percent decrease). Now it is less than three years, with the market increasingly dominated by short term contracts, independent contractors and project-based agreements.

Agencies are navigating the new digital landscape and face the reality of the “always-on” consumer. Client-agency relationships are undergoing dramatic change to adapt to new ways of reaching consumers. Executives on both sides are challenged by a new interconnected ecosystem of creative, media, analytics and content management.

This session draws on the latest academic and industry research to reveal the key challenges and key success factors of effective PR agency management. It is primarily targeted to industry executives who are called to hire/fire PR agencies, balance their in-house output with agency deliverables, and optimize their ROI through successful management of PR agency relationships.

Key learning points:

  • Determine when and how to hire a PR firm.
  • Establish a client-PR agency trust relationship.
  • Measure ROI and evaluate client-agency relationship.
  • 5 practical tips on how to make your agency relationship work.

The session is evidence-based, highly interactive and practical in nature. Participants should come ready to discuss personal challenges and/or success stories with PR agency management. Participants will walk away with heightened awareness of and confidence in their own PR agency management skills.

Format: Presentation
Track: Career & Future Skills

Presenter / Theomary Karamanis PhD, SCMP / U.S. is a multiple Gold Quill Award-winning communication consultant and educator with 20 years of global experience. She is currently a full-time senior lecturer of management communication at Cornell University, while she regularly delivers executive workshops in strategic communication, crisis communication and leadership communication both in the U.S. and internationally. She is currently the past chair for the Global Communication Certification Council.