How understanding psychology will improve your internal communication

Why do we react the way we do to certain messages? Why do they make us feel differently? What’s in our DNA that drives our responses? It turns out it really is all in the mind. As humans, we’re wired to consume and interpret information in certain ways. Understanding the psychology of this is your secret weapon to shift employee responses and drive communication effectiveness.

So, put on your lab coats and join us for a look under the microscope. We’ll share surprising insights on what the science reveals, why it matters for communication, and how you can make this work for you.

In this lively session, you’ll learn:

  • How message effectiveness is influenced by a range of subconscious factors.
  • How behavioral conditioning works (and how you can use it).

It’s a shift in approach that is certain to lift your results. We guarantee that you’ll never see internal communication the same way again.

Format: Presentation
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Presenter / Philip Nunn / New Zealand is general manager of SnapComms, a global leader in employee communication software. He leads an international team of internal communication experts who specialize in helping major organizations meet the increasingly complex challenge of effective employee communication. This experience, combined with SnapComms platform intel extrapolated from billions of data points, provides Phil with a unique and valuable perspective on how to get employee attention. Originally from the U.K., and now based in New Zealand (SnapComms headquarters), Phil has a background in product innovation, business development and customer service—an ideal blend for understanding and resolving the complex challenges of employee engagement today. He has presented at many conferences around the world, with audiences in excess of 1,000 attendees.


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