Human-centered communication for a multigenerational workforce

What is the single biggest problem in communication? It’s the illusion that it has taken place. The world has changed, with new generations such as Generation Z and millennials joining the workforce—and these generations live on their phones. There are 3.7 billion mobile users in the world today, with 1.9 active mobile social users.

How do you get the attention of Generation Z and millennial employees in an organization? And once you get their attention, how do you make them a part of the story? How do we create impactful communications that are personalized for the baby boomers, as well as millennials and Generation Z? How do we create truly human-centered communication in the new? This session will give you insight on how to leverage a design thinking approach to create human-centered communication. It talks about the key trends driving next-generation communication and how to use them to create powerful personalized communication for the multigenerational workforce.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn about the basics of design thinking approach.
  • Understand how to personalize for the multigenerational workforce.
  • Learn about human-centered communication using a design thinking approach.

TrackCommunication skills
Career level: Generalist/specialist

Presenter / Preeti Khattri / India has 20 years of expertise in the communication industry, working with various Fortune 500 companies. She has been an international judge for IABC, Brandon Hall Awards and the Media Communication Association International. Khattri has helped her organizations win 68 international awards for excellence in communication and learning from Brandon Hall, USDLA, MCAI, Omni Intermedia and IABC. Khattri is currently the global nextgen communications lead in Accenture Capability Network.