Is your social silo mentality affecting your reputation?

Gerry_Mccusker400Digital PR tends to be dominated by a few players—namely, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However, conversations about your brand are happening everywhere on the Internet, and social feeds aren’t the only place stakeholders can find your content.

In a conversation with Gerry McCusker, founder and principal adviser of Engage ORM in Australia, and speaker at the upcoming IABC World Conference, McCusker tells us that most companies suffer from “snow blindness” when it comes to online communications. He references blogs, customer forums and search engines as examples of other channels that can influence your brand’s reputation.

Online reputation management is not about the latest social channel. “It’s about the publishing ethos, the engagement ethos,” McCusker says.

In addition to this social siloed view, McCusker shared these common mistakes with us:

  • Failing to produce dynamic, contemporary content
  • Using social media as one-way propaganda tools, rather than channels for engagement
  • Forcing engagement on a particular social channel, even if your audience isn’t there
  • Employing junior staff to manage social networks who may not have developed reputation management antennas

For more reputation management tips—plus a discussion on two of the greatest PR disasters of 2014—listen to the complete interview on the Communication World magazine site. Check out Gerry’s session at the IABC World Conference, “Social media for tough-to-love brands.”

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