Management renegade and “voice of the millennials”

Seth_Mattison-1IABC World Conference keynote speaker Seth Mattison is the founder and chief movement officer of FutureSight Labs. Sometimes referred to as the “voice of the millennials,” Seth advises leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

The power of authenticity

Referred to as a “management renegade,” Seth brings an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work and the power of authentic communication. With a passion for helping to create greater understanding and collaboration in today’s workplace, Seth will offer concrete advice that can improve business performance.

Innovating with ideas that work

Seth has advised some of the world’s best brands including: MasterCard, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE Energy, Prudential Real Estate, Cisco, State Farm, Merrill Lynch, Dow, Disney, and Deloitte.

Seth Mattison will offer take-away value that will help you to:

  • Harness the power and perspective of your top talent
  • Tap into the hidden brainpower throughout the entire organization
  • Establish an ongoing system to nurture and harvest the best ideas
  • Learn how to adapt more quickly and proactively to changes in the marketplace
  • Foster a culture of authenticity, which values capabilities, resources and the environment

Watch this candid video with Seth, where he shares his thoughts about his upcoming keynote presentation at the IABC World Conference.

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