Multiple session formats offer new ways to learn

We know that you are coming to the World Conference to have a full learning experience—not to be talked at, but to be engaged with. Because we appreciate your individuality, understand your need for variety and respect our speakers’ abilities to be free with how they convey innovative ideas, we are launching this conference with some fresh new session formats.

Take a look at your options!

  • IABC Talks: Do you like information to come to you in an efficient form and then have the time you need to engage in dialogue? If so, you’ll like this format. This is IABC’s take on TED Talks, with a 15-minute presentation and 15 minutes for discussion.
  • Speed Presentations: This is learning at its fastest! If you’ve never experienced this eye-opening format, you are in for a treat. With multiple presentations in rapid-fire succession and a moderator to tie it all together, this hour-long presentation will race by, leaving you inspired and in awe.
  • Panel: Do you appreciate the benefit of multiple perspectives on a critical issue? This format, with a 30-minute panel discussion followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers, will give you a thorough and multidimensional take on important issues affecting the profession.
  • Traditional: Some topics require a substantive presentation to set you on your way to learning innovative concepts and new skills. It’s tried and true. With a 45-minute presentation and 15 minutes for discussion, these sessions will provide real knowledge that will serve you well.
  • Workshops: Are you looking to arm yourself with new expertise that will vastly improve your effectiveness in your organization? Then you’ll want to apportion some time for workshops. Top experts from around the globe will hold two-hour intensives that will give you the opportunity to reshape your work and discover the answers you need to succeed.

With all of these formats at your disposal, it’s now possible to craft your conference experience to fit with your learning preferences. The best way to make sure that you take full opportunity of what the conference has to offer is to plan ahead—so don’t wait to get started.

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