Need a business case for attending the World Conference?

Professional development support is not just a critical part of advancing your career, it’s an important investment in the organization you serve. That’s why we’ve developed a letter designed to help you make a convincing case for why you should get the time and resources to join your peers at the world’s largest annual global conference for professional communicators.

The World Conference is all about helping you deliver communication value that benefits your organization’s bottom line. In order to showcase and share all that you will learn, our business case letter includes a series of follow-up actions on your part. The idea is that if your leadership knows what to expect upon your return, including an overview of what you’ve learned and how it will benefit the company, they will be more likely to support your request to attend.

The time you take to make a strong argument now could be that extra piece that gets you there. So, let’s get started!  Just go to the Business Case Letter and tailor it to fit.

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