Our organizations are networks: Why don’t we use them for communication and leadership?

Almost every organization now relies on communication networks to share information and mobilize collective action. Yet leaders rarely take a thoughtful, planful approach to leveraging networks. In this workshop, we will learn how to use networks to support effective communication and change.

This workshop covers three topics:

  1. The Networked Organization. A healthy networked organization has certain qualities. How healthy is your organization? Learn about the shifts needed to develop a robust, productive networked organization.
  2. Communication in the Networked World. Communication worked differently before organizations were networked. Now that they are, you need to understand networks and the tricks to accelerating change within them.
  3. Using Network Maps to Strengthen Communication. Network maps provide a snapshot of how information flows within an organization. We’ll look at a map collectively and learn how to interpret it and use the findings to fine tune a communication initiative.

Format: Workshop
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Presenter / Maya Townsend / U.S. founder and lead consultant at Partnering Resources, helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in our networked world. She uses knowledge of the art and science of networks to help leaders create resilient strategy, find opportunities in complex business ecosystems, and influence change. Her clients include Fortune 500, mid-sized, emerging, and nonprofit organizations, such as Biogen, Commongood Careers, Intel, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, MIT, NW Chocolate Festival, and Thomson Reuters. Townsend is co-editor of Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in Organization Development from the OD Network (AMACOM, 11/2012). Her articles have been published in strategy + business, People & Strategy, CIO, Nonprofit Quarterly, Talent Management, and other outlets. A former blogger for Inc, American Management Association, and Future of Work Enabled, Townsend’s company blog was recognized as “Best of the Best” by Alltop. She earned her master’s degree in organizational development from American University/NTL Institute.

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