New technologies you’ll be using sooner than you think

MeetingOf all of the issues affecting communication professionals, technology is the one that has us in a state of rapid-fire change, with a mandate to stay up to date on the latest shifts and opportunities headed our way. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the profession. A need for this kind of knowledge puts us on a never-ending journey that demands our constant attention.

Insights and guidance

That’s why we’ve assembled an all-star technology panel of experts, moderated by IABC’s own consummate communication expert, Shel Holtz, ABC, IABC Fellow, to offer insights about a future that is already upon us and get guidance on what actions we must take to prepare.

Unprecedented pace

So why is this particular session a must-attend event at the World Conference?  The tools communicators use to do their work change at an unprecedented pace. As audiences adopt new channels we must understand and embrace these new ways of communicating if we are going to reach them there. This is one part of the communication landscape that we cannot ignore.

Rising technologies

In just the last year, we have witnessed the rise of commercially-viable Virtual Reality (with Augmented Reality hot on its heels), a messaging app called Telegram has passed 100 million users (growing 60% in nine months), an emoji was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, and companies are experimenting with Facebook’s Messenger for delivering customer support.

Marketers are learning to use programmatic buying while one public relations agency has become a certified Google Analytics partner. And have you even heard of blockchain?

Get caught up

To get caught up on the newest and emerging technologies you could well be using sooner than you think, attend the Technology Panel, where longtime communications technology specialist Shel Holtz, ABC, IABC Fellow, will lead a discussion with Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC, Jim Colman, and Shima Kelly, including extensive opportunities for you to ask your questions.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fast-paced, eye-opening panel discussion:

  • How mobile live-streaming is being used by communicators, and what tools are worth trying
  • Why messaging is one of the most important categories to watch
  • How mobile is becoming the tool for content creation
  • The role of data in communications
  • The technologies you may not be aware of yet but that will be a big deal soon

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