No more boxes—It is time to change the conversation

From the moment we are born we are given an identity, a race, a religion and a gender. We spend the rest of our lives living and defending that identity. We move into the world of work where are job roles, leadership level and choice of profession further contribute to this identity.

The global “No More Boxes” movement is a fresh lens to unpack these vital conversations and to find our own authentic selves within a given context. To move from being polarised into left and right, black and white. This session will leave delegates feeling hopeful and empowered, with the tools to go and unpack their limiting boxes to unleash their authentic strength and purpose in the world and at work. It provides leaders with the intelligent conversational tools to have open conversations with empathy and courage and invites a fresh dialogue so much needed in what has become a toxic conversational environment. The business impact of this approach is to provide containers for honest, robust and inclusive conversations that build builds high trust which is the essential to sustainable growth for business and the planet.

The session is highly interactive using round table conversations, interactive presenting and technology. The aim of the session is provide delegates with the tools to reframe these conversations. It harnesses the power of brain-based conversational intelligence that acknowledges that to find new and fresh communication strategies requires a different quality of thinking. It is time to change the conversation.

Format: Workshop
Track: Communication Driving Business

Presenter / Bev Hancock / South Africa  stimulates the vital conversations that empower you to thrive in the future world of work. She uses her deep understanding of conversational and emotional intelligence to build, trust, accountability and inclusive leadership into every conversation and relationship touch-point whether it is face-to-face or digital. She focuses on conversations and communication strategies that build inclusive leadership, integrates employee and customer experience and and unpacks the polarizing boxes in a way that opens up a constructive and collaborative vision for the future. She prefers to talk to here audience in customized and interactive presentations, masterclasses and team thinking conversations. And in doing so she brings a bit of conversational magic to energise leaders and their teams so that they are set to thrive in the future world of work. As part of the international “No More Boxes” movement, she hope to spark the conversations for a better tomorrow.