From odds to a meaningful end

How do you take a community at odds, an emotional situation, and no good solution to a place of meaningful end?

This session will explore the crossroads of community engagement during difficult and emotional times. By examining a real case study on how working through a meaningful community engagement process resulted in an agreeable and creative solution. Learn how to work collaboratively communites in difficult times, rather than working against them. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to plan meaningful community engagement.
  • Facilitation in tough times.
  • The top 5 things not to do during difficult times.
  • How to “take your lumps.”

Career level: Strategic Adviser
Date and time: Tuesday, 5 June, 10:3011:30 a.m.

Presenter / Shannon Sasseville is the director of communications, public affairs, and organizational development with the ESC LHIN. As a senior leader, her portfolio also includes: community/stakeholder engagement, issues management, and emergency preparedness/management. She has also worked in the autism and behavioural sciences field and has taught facilitation skills across the province. Sasseville is a certified teacher but has redirected her passion for education as a elected school board trustee.